Colleen’s alternative healing training consists of the following:

Shamanism - Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Graduate of the 3 year intensive program ~ Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman
Soul Retrieval ~ one week intensive ~ Sandra Ingerman
Way of The Shaman ~ Myron Eshowsky
Extraction ~ Myron Eshowsky
Nature Spirits ~ Myron Eshowsky
Death and Beyond ~ Myron Eshowsky

Shamanism - Other Sources
Graduate of the 2 year intensive shamanic teacher training ~ Sandra Ingerman
Heart-centered depossession and curse-unraveling ~ Betsy Bergstrom
Death and Dying ~ four day intensive ~ Myron Eshowsky
Tibetan Shamanism ~ Dr. Larry Peters
Celtic Shamanism ~ 2 year intensive program ~ Tom Cowan
Celtic Shamanism ~ 1 year extension to the 2 year intensive program ~ Tom Cowan
Celtic Shamanism ~ The Soul ~ Tom Cowan
Celtic Shamanism ~ The Ancestors ~ Tom Cowan
Romani Gypsy Shamanism ~ Patrick Jasper Lee
Shapeshifting ~ Claude Pouncellet

Eclectic Psychic, Healing, & Personal Development
Ongoing intensive ~ Judy
Reiki ~ Levels I, II & Master ~ Jean Isaacs
Remote Depossession ~ Irene Hickman, D.O.
Hypnosis ~ Hypnodyne Foundation ~ Stephen Levelle
Alternative Healing Consultant ~ Hypnodyne Foundation ~ Bob Luckin & Judith Wagner

Colleen has been providing alternative healing services and instruction to students and clients in her private practice, Circle of Life Counseling Services, in addition to traditional therapeutic services since 1981.