Alpha State Of Healing Relaxation

Allowing yourself to slip into alpha state is a powerful healing and enlightening tool. Alpha state is the measurable brain-wave activity of altered consciousness analogous with relaxation, meditation, and dreaming. In addition, alpha state is beneficial for stress reduction, quieting the mind, connecting with the inner soul-self, and balancing the emotions. There are many effective ways to achieve this state, indeed entire books have been written on this subject alone. Going into alpha may require patience if you are not accustomed to entering an altered state of consciousness, but becomes simple and easy with continued practice. I use a simple exercise of counting from 1 to 7 with visualization of colors, that I call the rainbow countdown. If you know about chakras you will notice that the colors correspond to the chakra energy wheels of the body as well as to rainbows and prisms. This exercise relaxes the mind and brings the white light (consisting of all the other colors) of Spirit into the body.

Find a quiet place, become comfortable, and allow your eyes to naturally close. Breathe deeply, and allow your body to fully relax. Take as much time as you need. Bring your awareness down into your center (solar plexus), feel the balance and calm of the center. Now visualize in your mind the number one colored red. Hold it and let it go. An orange colored two, yellow colored three, green colored four, blue colored five, purple indigo six and a violet white seven. From here, count from 1 to the number 21 to deepen the relaxation. At the number 21, you will be fully relaxed and balanced. From here you can simply remain quiet, using this for stress reduction and relaxation, or you may add in any meditation or visualization you desire. When in alpha state you will feel relaxed, but also aware. In fact, you may find your senses actually heightened. You are always in control and can come out of alpha whenever you are ready simply by opening your eyes. However, I prefer counting back from 21 to 1 and then opening my eyes to allow myself more time to shift. Be gentle with yourself while coming out of alpha state, and take in a deep breath. Notice how you feel. I use this technique to take a short timeout, or when I feel anxious and out of center to reconnect with my soul-self, my Spirit Teachers, and divine energy.

Once in alpha state I often add visualizations for healing and self- growth. For example, after I have counted to 21 and achieved a state of relaxation, I focus my attention on my breath. With each inhalation, I visualize clear, pure energy entering my lungs and spreading throughout my body. With each exhalation, I visualize any toxins, discomfort, or pain exiting my body with the breath.