Power Animal Retrieval

Published: The Mountain, Lansing, MI. Jan/Feb. 2000.
Nexus News, Lansing, MI. Jan/Feb. 2000.

Have you ever wondered what your power animal or totem animal is? Have you heard talk about power animals but do not know what they are? The following is a brief explanation of power animals from a shamanic view-point and a power animal retrieval journey.

Power animals are Spirit teachers who work with us throughout our lives and/or for certain lessons and tasks. You could view a power animal as similar to a guardian Spirit. Our power animals help us by providing protection, guidance and power to us through energy. You may chose to have a power animal retrieval done for you if you do not know who your power animals are and you would like to connect with them or if you have experienced the loss of a power animal. Power animal retrievals are a very important shamanic healing technique that can help people heal from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual struggles.

Now relax and enjoy as we journey to the lower world on a power animal retrieval. As I began to journey, I listened to the drumming and opened my heart. I focused on the intent of the journey, which was to retrieve a power animal for my husband. I began to relax and suddenly saw a wolf-like animal in the darkness. I thought this was unusual as I had not begun to visualize my starting point or to journey yet. I asked it if it was my husband’s power animal and it laughed and disappeared leaving smoke in it’s place. I continued with my journeying process, visualizing myself dancing my power animal(s) around the campfire at the land we own with my family. I feel very connected to nature and this place so it is a good place to ground and dance.

I held my husband’s hand and listened to the drumming, dancing my power animal around the fire. Suddenly I found myself skyclad, dancing in the center of the meadow, feet grounded into the Earth and arms raised high into Father Sky. I danced and felt the power. Again I was dancing around the fire and as the power rose in me I walked in my power animal energy to the swamp to the north. Standing in the swamp I began sinking down through the water and the muck into a cave-like tunnel. I moved quickly through this “tunnel” and emerged into a place different than I usually see in the lower world. This place was like a red desert, red dirt and mountains, barren of vegetation. Instant contact was made with my power animal and then I was surrounded by many of them. As I was being circled by all of my power animals, some wolf-like animals came through the circle. Their presence did not disturb my power animals who continued circling. Telepathically I asked if they were my husband’s power animals and they said, “What do you think?”. I said, “I do not know that is why I am asking”. The largest male said, “Yes”. I asked them if they were wolves. They said, “Look again, we are not wolves, we are coyotes”. Disappearing as soon as the question was answered.

I stood for a moment looking around, noticing the circle of my power animals were gone with the exception of a mother and baby. We ran through this red desert, all over the hills and valleys. It seemed as if I had run great distances, yet I did not feel tired. I looked high and low for a power animal for my husband and found nothing since the coyotes had left. As night began to fall I found myself on a mountain-top sitting around a campfire. I looked up into the full moon and sang. As if in response, a family of coyotes from across the deep ravine, up on the adjacent mountain-top chimed in their song to the full moon. I asked them if they were my husband’s power animal and they sang, “Yes”. I fell asleep by the campfire as the coyotes continued to sing into the night. Slightly before dawn I woke up to the licking of my face by a large male coyote. As I opened my eyes to orient myself I formed the question in my mind, “Are you my husband’s power animal?” He responded, “Yes, please take me back now” telepathically before I had finished asking the question in my mind. I pulled the energy of him into my chest and we hurried back up the tunnel as the drumming call-back sounded. I became aware of my present surroundings, sat up and blew the energy of coyote into my husband’s heart chakra and again into his crown chakra. As he opened his eyes I shared with him the story of this journey and that he had received his coyote energy.