Shamanic Healing Methods
The Power Animal Retrieval, Part II

Published The Mountain, Lansing, MI. March/April 2000.

You may have read in the last issue of The Mountain Books and Gifts Newsletter about a shamanic technique for healing known as the Power Animal retrieval. That article was a description of a shamanic journey taken with the purpose of retrieving a Helping Spirit for a client who was seeking guidance in his life. How is a Power Animal retrieval helpful you may wonder? Often times Power Animal retrievals are performed when clients are struggling with a health or emotional issue. Power Animal retrievals can be invaluable if a person is having difficulty with their personal journeys, meditations, or intuitive connections. Often, all we need is the extra boost of reunification with our Spirit Teachers that a Power Animal retrieval creates.

The Power Animal retrieval is also beneficial when a person feels they have lost their way. There are times in life where we feel disconnected from Spirit, from ourselves, our purpose, and from our lives. We may feel we are struggling along without choice or direction. It may be that we have become disconnected from our Spiritual help. The Power Animal (Spirit Teacher) retrieval creates a bridge from our world to the Spirit worlds that reconnects us with our power.

We all have Spirit Teachers and Power Animals. Many refer to these as our Spirit Guides. These Spirit Energies appear to us and to the shamanic practitioner in diverse ways. They may appear in Angelic form, human form, animal, bird or insect form (also called totems), etc. They may also appear to us as ascended Masters such as Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, etc. We create a partnership with our Spirit Teachers and their “work” is to help us through our lives. They also grow and benefit from this alliance. If we have not honored them, recognized them, or asked for their help, they may distance from us. When this occurs we may feel lost, depressed, or disconnected without knowing why it is that we feel this way.

This possible life crisis can be remedied shamanically by several approaches. A shamanic practitioner may journey to the Spirit worlds to retrieve and reconnect clients with their Spirit Teachers. The Spirit Teacher energy is carried back to this reality by the shamanic practitioner and blown into the client’s energy (auric) field. This reconnects the two energetically and cellularly. The shaman describes the journey and the Spirit Teachers to the client and relays any messages she is asked to deliver from the Spirits. Another option is for a person to learn how to shamanically journey to the Spirit worlds to reconnect with their Spirit Teachers in their own journey. Both can be very effective and the option is based on an individual’s need and preference.

Reconnecting with our Spirit Teachers is beneficial in so many ways. It raises our vibrational rates allowing us to fill with, and hold personal power. This personal power is our life force and our essence. It is what gives us the energy to find joy in life, to have direction and purpose, and to live rather than merely exist. This is the energy Star Wars is referring to when they say, “May the Force be with you”. Feeling lost, powerless, depressed, or ill may be a signal that it is time to reconnect with Spirit, and to our own “Force”.