My Cleansing Journey

Laying on my magic blanket, I repeat the intention of my journey three times and allow the drumbeat to carry me away to my sacred wooded departure point. Dancing around the fire pit, power rises in me as my body transforms into feathers and wings. Now transformed into the body of an eagle I rise on wing with the smoke of the campfire and circle the woods before drifting higher and higher through the dusky night sky. Mounting higher still I ascend through the starlit universe and beyond to the ocean like membrane that separates the middle and upper worlds in my journeys. I soar beyond a tropical rainforest with careening rainbow waterfalls to a surreal mountain that reaches farther than the eye can see. Racing up the steep mountainside through spinning rainbow spirals that separate each level, Spirit guidance directs me to veer left at the third level. This guidance seems to come from no where, just suddenly emerging in my mind.

Trusting my spirit allies, I turn left and soar into a mountainous terrain of snow-capped peaks, crystal blue spring fed lakes, and snow-lined rocky streams. I feel like I am in heaven I think to myself. I land near a high mountain lake and shift back into my physical body. Just to my right, standing knee deep in the marshy grasses an enormous bull moose grazes, briefly acknowledging my presence. On a ridge to my left, a huge bull elk looks down toward me, and then beyond, to the valley below. Standing on a huge flat boulder near the water's edge I watch the rushing stream slow and mix as it enters the lake. Tiny trout create silver flashes in the sunlight as the surface mirrors the grandeur of the surrounding snow-capped peaks. Telepathically the moose conveys that I should follow the course of the stream with my gaze looking for a place to lay down in the water.

From the mouth of the stream at the lake I follow the shallow white rapids to the top of the pass where the stream seems to magically emerge out of the pine forest. Huge boulders cover the floor of the streambed with the exception of one small area. I step into the snow-lined icy water and lay down. Because I am spirit the water does not feel cold and I lay awhile, allowing the water to rush over my body cleansing away the energetic sludge and blockages of past agreements, beliefs, behaviors, and patterns. I feel a deep internal transformation as the river cleanses every system of my body and energy field. Unencumbered by the confines of a body, my spirit swims free in the surreal underwater world.The current carries me down stream into the lake where I frolic with the silvery trout in and out of the reflections of the snow-capped peaks.Peering up through the flowing water I see the moose standing on the icy bank watching with approval. Suddenly I am standing on the back of a wild chestnut mustang, the chill mountain wind blowing through her mane and tail and my long wavy hair. The voice on the wind speaks of freedom from the illusionary trappings of the human mind by letting go of the past and allowing myself to be reborn into connection with Spirit and my own soul.

I feel the wind blow straight through me cleansing every cell of my body and every atom of my energy field as the old energy drifts away like whiffs of gray smoke. The call back enters my consciousness from a distance and I realize it is time to return. I shift back into the form of an eagle and as I rise into the sky I am directed by the horse and the wind to carry out this journey in physicality. I soar down the trail to the trailhead in the valley, turn right and fly toward the steep mountainside that is a landmark in my upper world journeys. Once at the mountain I turn right again and descend down through the spinning rainbow spirals that separate the three levels.Resting for a moment at the tropical forest and rainbow waterfalls in the first level, I then dive into the ocean layer separating the worlds and emerge into the starlit sky of the middle world universe.Quickly I soar into my wooded departure point oasis and land by the fire-pit, changing back into my own body. I thank the Spirits for their healing and teaching and return to my body in my healing room in ordinary reality.

Four days later I hiked into the pristine wilderness of Rocky Mountain National Park on a ten and a half-mile healing adventure to carry out my journey in physicality.I studied the trail and topography maps of the park and was drawn to choose a trail that paralleled a river to its high mountain origin. The three point two-mile rugged trail led me past four waterfalls, two lakes, and four elk before culminating into a two-mile steep ascension to the final waterfall and the trail's end at Black Lake. The lake lay in a bowl surrounded by snow-capped peaks reaching to the clear blue sunlit sky. The air was clean and fresh and I felt its life giving qualities deep in my heaving lungs. I walked around the edge of the lake and found the snow-lined stream that fed her. Breathing heavily I stepped up on a huge flat boulder that over-looked the crystalline lake and her surroundings. Gazing into the lake I watched the dancing of the silvery trout as the sunlight caught their shimmering bodies and the mirroring of the snow-capped mountains. I watched the rushing stream slow and mix as it entered the lake. Amazingly the snow-covered mountains, the crystal clear lake, and the snow-lined boulder-filled stream were just as they were in my journey. It was as if I had really been there before.

Pausing in awe, the message became clear. I searched the icy white rapids for a place to lay down.Just as in my journey, the stream was boulder-filled with the exception of one spot. I looked around, I was high up in the mountains near tree level, there were no people around and so I did as I was guided in my journey. I undressed and stepped into the frigid water. Quickly lying down in the only open spot in the stream I shivered as the icy water rushed over my body. Once the initial shock wore off I relaxed and felt the spirit of the stream slip between the atoms, cleansing my energy field and my soul. Immediately I felt free and light, refreshed and energy-filled.Exiting the stream and stepping up on the huge boulder, exhilaration and power continued to fill my soul. For the first time in a long time I felt healthy and free from illness. Tears of joy dripped into the corners of my smile, as I stood naked to the world on that boulder. Moments later my voice rang out over the high mountain-lake with Helen Reddy's melodic words,"I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman!!" Quietly then, I stood unashamed before God, the wilderness, and my own inner judge as the chill mountain breeze dried my body and I integrated my experience into my soul. I silently dressed and sat upon a small boulder putting on my shoes as my husband documented my irreversible smile with a photograph. Jubilantly we hiked back down to the valley enjoying the pristine beauty of the Rockies. As if to seal in the spiritual significance of this day even more, while traveling back to the historic Grand Lake Inn we saw a cow moose (one of my power animals) in a willow marsh and a coyote (one of my husband's power animals) in the open plains meadow.

The transformation from this journey and physical actualization was instant, clear, and ever-lasting. Many old agreements, beliefs, behaviors, and patterns were eliminated while inner strength, health, and independence took their place. In addition, to this day, when I feel bogged down with emotional encumbrances or energetic blockages I cleanse and fortify by revisiting this powerful experience through journeying.