The Power Of Personal Journeying

The power of personal journeying is unmatched. It is the most profound healing technique I utilize and is a coming home that re-connects me with my true self and the divine. Peace and calmness seep into my everyday life from this connection of soul-self with spirit. Each journey is personal, deep, and healing on all levels. A strong healthy body is but one of the many rewards I reap. Journeying on a regular basis is key in keeping my relationship with spirit strong, maintaining calm, and deepening my physical healing. It is also a joy to meet the many Spirits who are there to help us live life to the fullest, to explore new worlds, to query deep into the inner self, and to personally connect with the divine.

Learning to connect with this power has filled the great void of emptiness that had been inside of me nearly all of my life, ultimately contributing to this illness. Great truths are revealed during my trips to the otherworld and illusions and masks removed. I see myself for who I truly am, not the identities I think I am in this material world. The high vibrational energy flow of the journey integrates my spirit self with my body, mind, and my emotions so that I am once again whole, filled with the life force, strong, happy, healthy, calm, and centered. Cognitively I find it difficult to comprehend the healing that I receive through journeying, but feeling the energy that flows into my body and soul is pure ecstasy. My body shakes with electricity and my spirit soars free and unencumbered.

Since the initial training I continue to journey as often as I can, daily if possible. Shamanism is not just something I do; it is a way of living and being. The learning and healing deepens with every journey, every healing I do on someone else’s behalf, every training I attend, and with every moment that I open up to the spirits. I feel the healing and growth in ways that defy words and logic, but I am aware that the deepening of my practice combined with the employment of the psychological inventory will gradually reveal those learnings. These steps together make it possible to glean all the enlightenment possible out of each journey, each treatment, each training, and each experience.

Ignited with renewed vigor and health, and a deeper sense of my soul- self I knew shamanic journeying was the key to my healing on all levels. It not only provided the energy movement that healed my physical body and the calm peaceful understanding that facilitated mental and emotional balance, it provided the spiritual connection and enlightenment that fed my hungry soul.