Psychotherapeutic Reiki

Published: Nexus News, Lansing MI. July/August 1998.
The Mountain, Lansing, MI. Jan/Feb. 1999.

Psychotherapeutic Reiki is a powerful therapy that combines the benefits of Reiki energy flow with the traditional talk processing of psychology and counseling. East meets West in this technique that blends Eastern ideas of energy and Western psychological concepts. Psychotherapeutic Reiki is helpful in addressing psychological, emotional, behavioral, and/or physical issues.

Psychotherapy is the verbal processing of issues, events and/or traumas with a credentialed professional who assists in providing clarity and resolution to the problem. Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy. It is the power that acts and lives in all space and created matter. Through a Reiki practitioner, this life force energy is channeled into, around, and moved through the being receiving treatment. This energy flow is gentle and never over-powering. It effects a being on many levels and is unique to that individual. Combining psychotherapy with Reiki invites a person to explore the psychological meaning(s) of body imbalances (i.e. pain, disease, etc.) as well as release psychological and emotional issues from all levels of the body.

A human being is multi-level; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual with many metaphysical levels, all flowing with the life force when healthy. Health is the uninterrupted flow of energy in the human energy field. When an event or trauma occurs it effects all levels of being and is stored in the memory of these levels. If an individual is unable to release the effects of an experience, the flow of energy is disturbed causing an energetic imbalance. It can become “stuck” or “blocked”, causing energy to become obstructed or congested in the human energy field. The severity and duration of an event or trauma and how it is interpreted by the effected person determines the level of imbalance that may be held by one or more of the levels of the human energy field. This is why it is so difficult to work through some issues. A person may cognitively understand the issue and process the trauma or event psychologically only to have it remain in their emotional, spiritual or physical field(s). In essence, the event remains in the person’s energy field and is not released. To achieve health and balance, clearing needs to occur on all levels. This is why so many kinds of energy work and alternative healing techniques are helpful.

When a person attends a session of psychotherapeutic Reiki an initial evaluation is the first aspect of treatment. This consists of discussing the presenting problem while gently scanning the energy field. The presenting problem is an energetic event that may be effecting all levels of the energy field. The scanning of the energy field is a diagnostic tool to identify the energy blockage or congestion areas that may be effected by this presenting problem or other life issues. Close attention is directed to the chakras and other areas of imbalance as identified. Many of my clients have found this technique causes them to be more aware of their energy flow, allowing them to move deeper into themselves. They begin to sense their bodies in a different way and/or have thoughts and feelings which they were not previously aware.

As I obtain a “reading” of the client’s energy field through sensations in my hands and images through the spiritual eye, these impressions are discussed with the client and counseling begins. Reiki is directed to energy centers and areas of blockage or congestion while psychological and emotional concerns are processed. Areas that are energetically blocked or congested often contain important feelings and thoughts that may or may not have been conscious to the client. Chakra areas process energy for specific psychological and emotional purposes as well as for biological functions. These areas often require extra awakening through Reiki.

As Reiki energy is directed to the major chakras and problem areas, the client is invited to verbally processes the psychological and emotional issues effecting their being. Reiki can draw out body memories, emotions and/or thoughts that need to be revealed and released so that deep healing can occur. Reiki healing intervenes in the energy field releasing these blockages allowing free flow of energy. As more information is released it is addressed using Reiki and mind/body techniques for healing. This accomplishes a clearing on all levels.

In summary, there is a direct relationship between psychological and emotional symptoms and the blockage or congestion of energy flow in the human energy field. Psychotherapeutic Reiki is a powerful therapy able to identify and release these harmful patterns and blockages. Unique to this therapy combination is a feeling of deep release that occurs multilevel. Psychotherapeutic Reiki is an integrative process facilitating a more complete healing than can be accomplished in one modality of treatment alone. I hope you decide to try it sometime and experience the release in yourself.