What Is Reiki

Reiki, pronounced “Ray – key” is from the Japanese words Rei – meaning universal, and Ki – meaning vital life force energy. Reiki is the vital life essence energy of every one of us. It is the power that acts and lives in all space and created matter. Reiki originated in Tibet over 2000 years ago and was rediscovered in the late 1800’s in Japan by Christian theologian, Dr. Mikao Usui, through a fasting pilgrimage that lasted 21 days. Dr. Usui spent the rest of his life sharing Reiki energy through healings and teaching. In the 1940’s Mrs. Hawayo Takata a student of Dr. Usui introduced Reiki in the United States and Canada.

Reiki therapy is a hands-on (or hands just above) the body healing technique that facilitates the flow of universal healing energy around and through the body. The energy flow is gentle and never over-powering. A person’s own life force energy can become “stuck” or “blocked” through any number of reasons possibly causing injury, illness, or dis-ease. Reiki energy heals the body on many different levels and is unique to each individual. Profound release and healing can occur with Reiki treatments.

Reiki training involves much more than learning about energy and hands on healing. The heart of Reiki is the act of energy transference attunements given by the Reiki Master at each level that pass universal energy on to the student, opening the student to this life force energy connection. The student, once trained and attuned to Reiki (universal vital life force energy) is then able to access this life force energy directly. Generally, though not always, Traditional Usui Reiki is taught by a Reiki Master in three levels. Briefly, Reiki I training involves study of the history and rediscovery of Reiki, connecting with energy, self-treatment, treatment of plants, pets, etc., and discussion of utilizing the Reiki principles as a way of life. Reiki II training consists of learning hand positions for working on other people, learning symbols which draw in universal healing energy, absentee healing, and healing practice on the Master (teacher). Reiki III (Mastership) training entails learning how to teach Reiki and learning a new symbol that facilitates the passing on of the energy connecting attunements.

This method of healing has taught me so much about the world of energy around and within us, that most of us are unable to see or conceptualize, but may sense in subtle ways. Such things as feeling the tension in a room, knowing something is wrong before you call someone, or instantly liking or not liking someone before you know them are ways our body reads energy unbeknownst to us. This same energy that flows around us that we “read” unconsciously also flows through our bodies and is our life force, sustaining life and health. It was Reiki training and the daily use of Reiki that brought me into awareness of this energy and put me directly in touch with the life force energy of my body.

My Reiki II Training Experience

Now proficient in the cognitive knowledge of Reiki from the level I training, it was time to receive the series of energy transference attunements. Peacefully seated in the center of the room Jean began a relaxing guided meditation accompanied by flowing background music. Mentally I visualized myself walking up the described mountain path becoming totally engrossed in the scenery of the mountain forest and vista. Climbing to the summit, feelings of euphoria and connectedness with the entire universe filled my being. As Jean moved from person to person, drawing symbols connecting humanity to divinity, I traveled further and deeper into my own subconscious. The scenery of my soul travel changed to crystal clear white light with millions of tiny droplets of rainbow colors radiating from the heavens pouring down upon us all as I sensed Jean’s presence behind me. Through the light and colors energy patterns streamed in and I felt them tangibly in my physical body. The patterns and rainbow droplets coursed through the physiological systems of my body reaching deeply into every cell. As Jean drew symbols into the palms of my hands they became fiery hot and sweaty while my mind broadened beyond the limits of the universe. I literally felt my head pounding from the vast expansion, my body twitching and shaking from the flow of divine energy. I felt strong, powerful and healthy! I was so energized I felt I could have flown to the moon under my own vigorous powers.

The effects of this training and especially these attunements have been, and continue to be, profound in my life. Connecting with the universal life force and allowing it to flow through me created an opening, allowing me to get in touch with my soul self, my own life force. The flow of energy augmented the psychological inventory work that has been monumental in my healing process. For the first time I began to recognize and feel my body was made up of energy, energy that needed to be moving and flowing. From the beginning of the training and for years before I could feel that my energy was not moving and flowing, it was stuck. This stuck stagnant energy was the source of immune deficiency symptoms, depression, and the boredom I felt with life. I was moving my body through physical exercise but not moving the energy within. I was no longer connected to my soul self and I felt minimal energy flow through my being. I felt little connection to life and certainly no passion for it. My universal life force energy was severely blocked and being attacked by stress and outside invaders. Reiki energy clears that stuck energy, not only during the attunements and treatments but also on an every day basis when the damage is happening. Quite simply the needed Reiki symbol or symbols are drawn creating a conduit for energy to flow into the body or to where ever it is directed. Stale, blocked or negative energy can be moved not only from people but also from homes, offices, meeting rooms, cars, etc. The possibilities are endless depending upon ones needs and struggles. For me, Reiki has been instrumental in clearing and blocking the negative energy of psychic attack. Most importantly the daily energy flow created an environment in my physical body where healing could take place. I believe the key to living successfully in a healthy way with viruses is to keep the immune system at its pinnacle of operation at all times. Connecting with energy through Reiki facilitates that for me. The day I received my first tangible energy connection through Reiki attunements was profound. The ongoing journey of daily utilization and continual expansion is even more profound, and is what makes someone a master.

Psychotherapeutic Reiki

Psychotherapeutic Reiki is a powerful therapy that combines the benefits of Reiki energy flow with the traditional processing of psychology and counseling. As Reiki energy is directed to the major energy areas of the body and problem areas, the client is invited to verbally process the psychological and emotional issues affecting them. Reiki can draw out body memories, emotions and/or thoughts that need to be revealed and released, facilitating deep healing. Psychotherapeutic Reiki can be helpful in addressing psychological, emotional, behavioral, and/or physical issues.