What Is Visualization

"Imagination is more Important than Knowledge". ~ Albert Einstein

Visualization is an attention focusing technique of creating visual images in the mind. This is accomplished by harnessing the ingenuous power of our imagination for our own creation. We have all had some experience with visualization whether we are aware of it or not. We have all daydreamed about an upcoming exciting event during a mundane task such as a long drive or a household chore. We see what it's like in our mind's eye and feel the excitement. Or we dread the upcoming meeting and our mind plays out the situation.

Since the mind reacts physiologically to imagined events the same way it does to real events, we can create health by imagining health, just as we can manifest anything else we desire in this way. It is a well-known fact the chemical immune response of the body is affected both positively and negatively by stimuli. Consider the role that unreleased stress plays on our health. Likewise, visions of pleasure and peace can restore balance to the ravaged body, in addition to creating a feeling of relaxed calm. Visualization is simple to do. Form a clear picture in your mind of what you choose to manifest. If you are not able to actually "see" this in your mind's eye, that's okay. Just hold the idea in your thoughts. Focus on this image frequently throughout the day, everyday, giving it positive energy. Some visualization techniques do not utilize an altered state of consciousness, but I prefer to go into alpha when possible to deepen the visualization experience. Alpha state helps me to be more aware of my body so I feel the health benefits sooner and the effects seem to last longer. Determine what you desire in your world, be it health, inner calm, happiness, whatever, then enter into alpha state and visualize your world in that way. Use the power of your mind to create. Once becoming accustomed to visualization, many people find it very easy to slip back to these healing images whenever they allow themselves the space and the quiet time to do so. Utilizing the technique of visualization created a major shift in consciousness for me, and regular practice helped my body became stronger, less fatigued and pained. This helped me to get in touch with the old me that used to be so strong, healthy, and fun loving.

There is no limit to what you can manifest with all the visualization possibilities. Whatever you can imagine, you can create. My favorite healing vision is one of myself slipping off to a beautiful place in nature on a warm and sunny day. In a safe and protected area within this beautiful place, I lie down, rest, and sensually feel the warm sun penetrating into my frozen sick body. The warming sun melting into my center, the glowing warmth spreading out into my chest and thighs, radiating out to the very tips of my toes and fingers, to the top of my head. Warming glowing sunshine moving all through my body. Healing my body, healing every aching muscle, every stressed cell. Another of my favorite visualizations is to imagine that every system of my body is working in perfect harmony. I become quiet, go into alpha state where I focus on my body, particularly on my immune system, organs and cells. I see them powerfully active and happy, working to heal my body. When I used to feel cold all the time I would focus on an inner flame in my solar plexus warming my entire body and soul. When I am bored with the mundane, I often take vacations from life by visualizing my favorite places in nature. My body actually feels like I am there and I feel the exhilaration of the wilderness in my soul. This visualization reconnects me to nature that fills me with the power I need to live my life fully. I often use visualization as an asset to my athletic training, as do many Olympic and professional athletes.

The following visualization is intended to help you hone your self-awareness skills.

Visualization: Take a moment to quiet yourself. Sit or lay down in a place where you are warm and comfortable, a place where you feel safe and protected. You may choose to sit in a beautiful place in nature. You may choose your rocking chair by the fireplace. You may choose your comfy couch snuggled in quilts. You may prefer to be in your bed. Wherever the place, be sure it is comfortable and that it feels right for you. Take in a deep breath and relax. Let go of any worries or stresses. Allow your mind to relax as the muscles of your body melt deep into the place where you are sitting or laying. Feel supported and cradled by the Earth or chair, couch or bed. Allow your body to fully relax, feeling at peace. Allow the thoughts in your mind to drift away like soft clouds in the blue summer sky.

As you continue to relax, imagine that you have become a molecule of air. As this molecule, you are on the Out side of your body. As this molecule of air, you can see your body. You brush up against your face and feel the softness of your skin. As this molecule of air, you are also outside of your mind, emotions, thoughts and feelings. In this place outside the body, you have no awareness of what is going on inside the body. You can't feel anything, any pain or any pleasure. You can't feel any sadness or any joy. There are no thoughts. Just quiet awareness.

As this molecule of air outside yourself, you begin to notice there is something that you feel. You sense a movement, a flowing. You feel a life force pulsating through the energy field of your body. It is moving and when you let yourself feel its texture, it is soft and warm. As a molecule outside of your body, you can feel your life force moving through and around your body. It is your energy field, your aura. Sit with this awhile. Feel the movement.

Now let that energy movement carry you to the In side. The molecule of air that you have become is breathed into the body. You float in through the nose and enter into the lungs. As the molecule of air, you feel the life force in here strongly pulsating through out the entire body. For breath is life. You feel warmed by the life within. You feel the feelings of your mind and emotions. You know what you are thinking. Take a few moments to stay here and listen to the thoughts of your mind. Now feel the feelings of your emotions. Don't hide from them or push them away. Feel them. Take a deep breath. Listen to them. Acknowledge your feelings. Sit with these for a while, as long as you would like. Simply be aware of yourself. The longer you sit with them the more you will get to know your self. Notice what you see in your mind as you feel with your emotions and your body. Sit with these insights. Explore them and let them grow. You may feel uncomfortable with this at first. If you haven't gone inside much before, this may feel new and different. You may feel some discomfort at first with your thoughts and emotions but let them settle and relax. Just observe. Don't place judgments on these thoughts or emotions, just be with them. You may feel pleasure and peacefulness. If you do, sit with this and allow it fill your whole body.Connect with your deep soul-self.

The more you go into your self, the more you will begin to know your self and eventually, the more peace you will begin to feel. Feel the peace deep within yourself. That peace that you are touching deep inside of you is your soul-self, your Spirit. Feel the pulsation of this Spirit and this energy. It is alive and glowing. Feel it glowing stronger in the center of your body as you focus on it, like a sun inside of your belly. Feel the heat and the glow as this sun radiates out into your whole body. Sit with this feeling and allow it to grow. Play with this feeling, experiment with it. If you want, grow it as big as the room that you might be in, then bring it all back in. Keep it in your body. Focus on the pleasure, the warmth, and the glow. Keep it in your center, in your belly, at your solar plexus area. Be aware of ways in the past you have allowed this energy to escape your center, perhaps by giving too much to someone or by doing things you really didn't want to do but thought you should. Don't be judgmental about this, just be aware. Just allow yourself to sit with the awareness. Feel the glow burning strong in your center and allow that to remain. Focus on this sun of warming, moving energy inside of you keeping you healthy and alive, strong and power filled. Feel the warm energy spread throughout your body, moving into all extremities and systems. If there is any place in your body that is experiencing pain, blockage or imbalance, hold this energy in that area. Feel the energy spiral and release the imbalance. Feel the energy heal your body. Now take in a deep breath. Feel the energy move back into your center. Allow this molecule that is you to stay inside of that sun center to help you to stay informed of what is going on inside of your body, mind, and emotions. Allow this molecule to be a listening ear inside of you, helping you to hear the messages of your body, mind, emotions, and Spirit. Allow yourself to remain aware. And know the fire of this energy burns strongly, deep within you. Glowing always, healing, feeling, moving. Feeling strong, happy, and healthy. Listen and feel as long as you have time for, then slowly and gently return to your self and to full consciousness. We will count from one to the number five, and with each number you count, you become more awake and more alert. At the number five you will be awake and alert, still feeling calm and relaxed, feeling better than you have in a long, long time. One, two, three, four, five. Awake and alert, feeling better than you have in a long, long time.