Why Journey?

In past times and in many cultures, shamans, yogis and spiritual teachers had a rigorous training regimen for their apprentices. Some of the methods they employed were extreme. The point of these trials was not only to test the determination of the student, but to help the student crack open, release and move beyond the limitations of the ego. In these ways, the apprentice was introduced to what lay underneath and beyond the ego.

The ego is not a “bad” thing. It is the sense of self that helps us to navigate the physical world. But for healers, shamans, and spiritual seekers it can be limiting; acting as a hindrance to effective, accurate healing and seeing. Anything that gets in the way between the soul and the world, anything that presents a barrier between a person and the Spirits, is something a dedicated spiritual seeker or healer will want to work on releasing. To be an effective healer and bridge between the worlds a shaman/healer/seeker desires to be a clear channel, “a hollow bone”, a clear conduit between the world of Spirit and this world. One of my close friends has a Native American teacher who asked, “How can you be a hollow bone if you are full of shit?”

It may help to understand how we get so full of it, and why it’s so hard to get free. When we are born, we are a pure soul, uncluttered and pristine. Psychologists call this the Tabla Rasa, the blank slate. For the first twenty years or so of our life, parents, siblings, school, church, neighbors, extended family, culture, peers, media, and so on, influence our development with ideas, emotional responses, opinions, indoctrinations, traumas, joys, energy exchanges, and all kinds of things. Psychologically these are referred to as conditionings or imprints. All of this information and energy from all of these sources layers around our pure soul, and can dictate how we think, feel, believe and behave. The pure soul, sitting quietly underneath all this, is guiding us, but often so quietly it cannot be sensed above the buzz of the world and our own mental chatter.

One of the ways we can access and live from the soul, our true, authentic self; is to drop down beneath the layers that surround it. Journeying is a time-tested practice that accomplishes this. Journeying allows us to relax our conscious critical mind and slide by the ego and everyday reality. It propels us deep into our own psyche, bypassing much of the conditioning and imprinting that lies between us and our pure soul and the Spirits. With practice, we can connect so closely with these clear soul and Spirit energies with journeying that they can vividly express through us and clearly guide our lives.

I recommend setting aside at least 15 minutes each day to journey. This practice repeatedly immerses you in the clarity of the energies of the Spirits and your own soul. The more you do it, the clearer you will become and the more peaceful and harmonious your life experience will be. Embrace it with joy and dedication. You and your life will be the better for it.

Blessings, Colleen Deatsman © 2007