Introduction to Shamanism – Home Study Class

An introductory course that covers the basics of what shamanism is as a way of living and being in the world, not a religion, what Helping Spirits are, The Web of Life, beliefs and understandings such as that we Are a soul, animism, the cosmology of the 3 worlds, and how to connect with your Soul-self and Helping Spirits through journeying. The class includes 4 journeys, 2 guided journeys with music and my voice narration, and 2 journeys to the drumbeat.

Class Outline and Instructions
4 CD’s:
Two CD’s of Class Instruction
One CD with two Guided Journeys: music and voice narration
One CD with two Shamanic Drumming Journeys, 15 & 30 mins
Book: Seeing in the Dark: Claim Your Own Shamanic Power Now and in the Coming Age
One hour consultation on-line or phone

Seeing in the Dark demonstrates a practice of integral shamanism along with the strategy and approach for making a difference for oneself and the world. It describes the discipline, tools, and way of living that comprise the extensive body of knowledge used to cultivate non-ordinary awareness and achieve personal freedom. Using journeying, ceremony, psychology, energy movement, and traditional shamanism, the authors provide the inner workings we need to evolve an unhampered clarity and live a life that makes a substantive difference. Seeing in the Dark presents a means for connecting to soul and Spirit, achieving the clarity necessary to express the agenda of one’s soul in the world.

Cost: $80.00

A savings of $97
Class Fee - $50
CD’s – class instruction, guided journeys, drumming (3) @ $10 each - $30
Book - autographed copy of Seeing in the Dark - $17
Consultation fee - $75
Shipping - priority mail - $5.00
Normal Total - $177