Energy for Life

Connect with the Source

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Lightning. Water. Sunshine. Apples. All matter is composed of energy, even ourselves.

So what happens when our energy dissipates, becomes stagnant, or blocked? Imbalanced energy can jeopardize our quality of life and health-leading to fatigue, depression, or chronic illness. Colleen Deatsman's proven program for energy harmony demonstrates how to reignite and fortify one's vital life force energy.

This guide to energy work is full of easy energizing techniques to clear blockages, seal energy leaks, access universal life energy, and strengthen your energy field. Guided journeys, meditations, and other exercises can help you relax, de-stress, boost your energy, improve flow, and connect with spirit guides and other divine energies. Energy for Life also includes a handy audio CD of guided meditations.

Feeling vibrant and full of energy is our perfect state of being, although few of us can say that we manifest such energy every day. But we can, if we just know how. Author Colleen Deatsman fought a ten-year battle with chronic fatigue immune deficiency syndrome, fibromyalgia, asthma and environmental illness. She became an expert in learning how to energize and heal herself. She shares that informationwith you in Energy for Life.

Energy for Life opens the doors of understanding and teaches you the practical skills to manifest powerful energy in your everyday life. The book includes a free CD filled with meditations that will guide you towards the source of your energy. The book itself is filled with potent ideas, concepts and exercises you will use for years to come. The techniques in the book include methods of journeying, meditating and utilizing connecting exercises to help you vitalize, link with and use this energy.

It’s important to know what is meant by “energy,” and Energy for Life begins by covering all the basics: what energy is, what modern science knows of it, what the ancients knew about it, and how they accessed it for healing, guidance and survival. Included in this section are means of connecting with energy though altered states of consciousness, how to work with guided journeys, a brief course on how to meditate and more.

Next you’ll learn how to connect with personal energy, activate life force energy, release blockages and stop leaks so you can access and work with the energy. Then you’ll discover how to connect with universal life force energy and divine spiritual energies. The book concludes with directions on how to create an energizing practice. This takes just 15-20 minutes a day, but if you’re willing to do it you’ll be amazed by the vitality you will feel. If you practice for just 30 days you willreignite your essential life force energy and change your life for the better.