Energy for Life

Connect with the Source

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Chapter One

What Is Energy?

Energy is everywhere around us and in us at every single moment. It has been since the beginning of time and will be until its end. We can easily see and feel many different kinds of energy—the power of an earthquake, a lightning flash, the glow of our ceiling light when we hit the switch, or a warming fire crackling in the grate—but we can’t immediately define many forms of energy. The power of thought, the impact of emotion, and the magic of charisma are all observable but indefinable. Simpler yet, we know an apple as a food source. That’s energy for our bodies. At the same time, the apple is full of seeds, which are little powerhouses teeming with enough potential energy in each one to produce an entire tree. It’s easy for us to observe objects or phenomena, but we hardly ever regard the energies that drive them, make them up, and surround them.

With so much energy in and around us, why is it then that so many of us are disconnected from energy in its myriad forms? More importantly, how can we find and tap into energy for our daily lives? And what exactly is this energy we are looking for anyway?

We live in a radiant universe that moves and glows and interacts as it continually unfolds. Anything that we can sense or observe is, at its core, energy. There is no question that this energy takes different forms and has different characteristics in these varied forms. Heat, light, motion, electromagnetism, gravity, and the host of nuclear and quantum forces are all energies that we can observe. But where did they come from?

In the course of the last century, Western science has gone a long way to define and categorize the nature and wonder of these energies. As they have done so, they have begun to affirm what some of the most ancient belief systems in the world have made clear for millennia. The universe is nothing but energy. In fact, Einstein’s equation E=mC2 implicitly states that anything that has mass—meaning all matter, however great or small, dense or light—can be defined as energy.

The curious and interesting thing about our universe, though, is that it continues to become more and more complex over time. Astrophysicists claim that at one time, prior to the Big Bang, the entire universe consisted of a monochromatic ball of ultra-dense energy. Nothing else existed anywhere. As the Big Bang explosion took place, energy was disbursed in every direction and slowly began to differentiate and form the building blocks of stars and galaxies and the legion of energies and differing forms of matter we see today. After the Big Bang, there was a substantial period of time before our sun even winked into existence. Now our sun leads an entire system in which our Earth, once just a rocky ball in space, teems with trillions of creatures interacting within its biosphere. What can possibly be driving that kind of generative development?

In our world, we are constantly seeing things fall apart. It’s almost a cliché. But something, some force or energy, over vast eons of time, is making things come together and become more complex instead of diminished. How can it be that this energy makes stars blaze with heat and light and promotes cosmic dust to coalesce to form planets that sail around the fiery sun? How then does that energy shape itself into elements like carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen and form environments and chains of molecules that over time manifest life? Most importantly, how and why does that energy one day organize itself well enough to open its eyes, look around, and wonder where it came from and what it actually is?

It seems clear that some form of proto-energy is driving this syntropy, this building and evolving, over time. We can further observe that as this energy drives these phenomena, the end products of this evolution are becoming more and more self-aware. As we unlock the tools that help us understand the drive and goal of this proto-energy, we find that we are densified energy discovering the nature of itself. We have become a link in that generative chain. Our awareness of the energies that surround us, and how to understand and employ them for our benefit, is the next step in the overall evolution of awareness in this universe.

The first question of this awakening is Who and what am I?

The answer: You are densified energy moving about in a sea of other, subtler energies.

The second question then becomes: How can I learn how to observe and utilize these gross and subtle energies in and around me to benefit myself and the universe?

The answer is this book. Let’s get started.

A Brief History

Although there are no written records, it seems clear that the earliest humans understood the fundamentals of energy. Archeological evidence and early cave paintings indicate that water, wind, earth, and fire all figured prominently in the daily lives of the people of prehistory. The one other fascinating thing in these records is the presence of the unseen. It would appear that from the earliest humans, our species had an instinctual understanding that there are unseen forces at work. As early people organized into groups, then tribes, then civilizations, they evolved their explanations of the unseen to fit the context of their own level of development.

Ancient texts, teachings, and practices reveal that every culture, tradition, religion, and spiritual path has (or had) at its root an understanding that energy is the force of life. Many of our ancient roots regarding energy are found in the practice of shamanism. Shamanism has always been a bridge between what is seen and what is unseen, and is a path whose deepest core belief is animism. Animism is the understanding that all things are living, connected and interconnected by an energy force called the web of life. All of manifest existence has a soul and a spirit—plants, animals, birds, this book, the chair you are sitting in, and you and me. Shamanism represents the most widespread and ancient methodological system of energy healing known to humanity and is thought to have predated and been incorporated into all spiritualities and religions. This means that all of our great spiritual and religious traditions have at their base an understanding that everything is energy.

About four thousand years ago, ancient sages began to refine and document a practice of introspection that had sprung from rituals of this prehistoric shamanism. The transcendent nature of energy was discovered when the ancient sages began to analyze the nature of consciousness. Insights gained from these practices explained the forces of nature and the nature of the self in terms of energy. These ancient sages, the Vedics of the Indus valley in India, clearly drew on their traditional shamanic beliefs and combined these animist beliefs with their research into their own bodies, minds, souls, and spirits. The result was one of the most luminous texts ever produced—the Rig Veda. This text explained the seen and unseen as proceeding from a common genesis. That genesis was pure, high-powered, intelligent universal life force energy. The Vedics claimed that this energy, pregnant with potential and driven to create, is the fundamental engine of creation. The products of this creation are the universe and everything in it, having been built by combining densified elemental energies into more complex structures. The upshot of all this is that the divine source energy, in its drive to create, formed an energetic structure as a background to the universe upon which all of manifest existence dances. According to the Rig Veda, this divine, blind impulse densifies and evolves, moving across the web of life, until it can find its way back, aware of itself this time, to the formless divine. Like the prodigal son in the Christian parable, the return of this self-aware energy, full of its acquired understanding, is cause for great celebration in the Vedic celestial spheres.

This concept of descent and rebirth is probably the most common mythical element in the history of mankind. It seems to be hard-wired right into our DNA. Every major mythology in the world includes it. The Hebrew Qabala reflects this energetic descent and return. Christian convention addresses the descent into purgatory accompanied by the ultimate rebirth into heaven. Taoist and Buddhist teachings reflect an awakening from a dull sleep into vibrant awareness. Sufism speaks rapturously of a reintegrating reunion with the divine after a descent into this world. Every one of these presents a methodology about how to bring this transformation about. Each has its own set of ideas about how to improve and enhance those personal attributes it considers valuable, and how to minimize those characteristics that diminish us. In other words, nearly every belief system in the history of the world presents a method of how to become lighter and brighter and power-filled in a world that seems full of things that drain and darken. They each give us recommendations about how to best utilize the energy we have and how, with practice, to dip into the infinite well of divine energy.

Each of these belief systems calls this divine energy by a different name. Each calls the energy in each of us by a different name as well. For the purposes of simplification, in this book we will call this energy in us “personal energy” or “personal life-force energy,” and we will call the permeating energy “universal life force energy.” As you read this book, feel free to substitute whatever term for personal and universal life force energy that you use normally in your personal belief system. The terms are relatively unimportant. It’s the concepts and practices that will be most beneficial to you in this process. Chapter Six will guide you in how to utilize this information within the context of your individual religious or spiritual belief system. No matter the name, the energy is already there, just waiting for you to find it.

Modern Trends

With the advent of relativistic physics and quantum mechanics, we have begun to see that on a quantum level, the boundaries between matter and energy are nonexistent. Even more interesting is that scientists are beginning to address the interconnectedness of being. Experiments demonstrating action at a distance as an effect of personal intent are becoming commonplace. In particular, the thought experiments of physicist John Wheeler have demonstrated that light leaving a distant star over a billion years ago will move through space according to the expectations of the observer. More and more, we are seeing that our thoughts and intentions influence outcome in these experiments and in our lives. Heisenberg, with his famous uncertainty principle, established that the mere act of observation affects outcome.

Something on the quantum level is reacting to us. Something just outside of what can be observed is interacting with us as we interact with the world. What could that be?

In Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, Deepak Chopra states, “Quantum physics tells us that every atom is more than 99.9999 percent empty space, and the subatomic particles moving at lightning speed through this space are actually bundles of vibrating energy . . . [bundles that] carry information. . . . The essential stuff of the universe, including your body, is non-stuff, but it isn’t ordinary non-stuff. It is thinking non-stuff. The void inside every atom is pulsating with unseen intelligence.”

Science is leading us to that island of realization the Vedics spoke of four thousand years ago. They are bringing us in line with the idea that our world is not only made up of energy—it is made up of an energy that is connected, interconnected, aware, and intelligent. The world and all of its forms are much more than the physical manifestations that we see. The energy that moves through all forms makes a tree more than wood and a person much more than just a body.

Kirlian photography has demonstrated a “halo” of energy that surrounds our bodies. This halo of energy flows around us and in us and is often seen as a multilayered “egg” that envelopes our bodies. These layers are parts of us that vibrate on higher, subtler levels. They constitute our intelligent energy field that interacts with the intelligent world of energy around us.

Energy Awareness

So, if intelligent energy is everywhere around us, why don’t we know about it and perceive it in some way? Unless you are a scientist, engineer, or energy worker, you probably don’t think much or know much about any kind of energy because you were not taught to be aware of it. In actuality, we do observe energy everyday though we are usually unaware that the things we see, hear, and feel are gross and subtle manifestations of energy being perceived by our personal energy field. We don’t come with built-in electron microscopes, but we do come with ultra-powerful, built-in energy receptors: our senses and energy field. Automatically, and most often unconsciously, our senses pick up extremely detailed information through seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing, and sensing.

Energy is active, dynamic, and vibrating. The speed at which energy is vibrating determines if we can perceive it, how we will perceive it, and what it will look and feel like. Because we are also energy, the vibrations of energy outside of us interact with the vibrations of our personal energy field, causing us to sense this energy even though our five conventional senses might not register it. Our energy fields are amazing energy perceivers, receivers, and conductors, and it is through our senses that we receive the cognitive messages that something is happening that we can notice if we so choose. We could not possibly keep track of the unimaginable quantity of continuously flowing vibrations that we assimilate daily, but there are many that we do notice and more that we can train ourselves to notice to help us be more healthy and energized. The activities throughout this book and CD are intended to help you become a more aware perceiver, receiver, and conductor of energy.

Now that you understand energy on a bigger level, let’s explore some of the ways that most of us perceive energy on an individual basis. The fact is most people live their lives with blinders on. They see only what is in front of them, or the intensely personal landscape that they paint inside their minds. They don’t notice what’s going on around them. They don’t taste what they eat or even notice what they touch. Most of us have become so focused on what we are doing, have done, or will do, that we ignore almost all of our sensory input in the present moment. In most cases when we do this, we are disconnected from our environment, world, our energy, and ourselves. This disconnection is the precursor to fatigue, imbalance, and illnesses both emotional and physical. In order to develop a sense of the broad spectrum of subtler energies, we first have to learn to fully engage the much narrower band of our conventional senses.

When was the last time you completely engaged another person and were totally present with them, aware of everything they said to you, their body motions, their eye movements? When was the last time you actually paid complete attention to what you were eating, aware of the nuance of taste, the texture of the food, and its aroma? When was the last time you sat and really listened to music? Not while driving or working, but sat in a chair with eyes closed and listened, submersed in the music?

Opening up to sensory information and being aware of it is the initial and most important part of developing the broader energy awareness. Take time during the course of your day to “take it all in.” Open yourself completely to what’s going on around you, to what you are feeling, seeing, hearing, tasting. Then, push your unseen sense, your energy sense, to feel the edges of what you can’t feel with the five conventional senses. Let’s explore some of the ways we can do that. 

Deepening and Expanding Our Personal Awareness of Energy

The most important thing to keep in mind as you experiment with sensory development is that in order to sense something completely, you must be completely present. This applies to people and situations as well as objects and places.

When you are talking with people, try being completely present with them. Don’t be thinking about where you are going, what’s for dinner, or anything else. Be entirely with them. Look at them. What are they wearing? Look at the colors, the textures of their clothes. Observe their face, their eyes. What color are they? Do they look tired, rested? Take in their expressions, the movement of their hands and body. Listen intently to their voice. What is the timbre of it? Is their voice shrill, cracking, or smooth and melodious? Can you smell perfume or laundry detergent on them? Turn your awareness inwards. How do you feel inside your body as you notice the nuances and spend time with this person? Go deeper into your personal awareness. What and how do you feel within yourself, wearing your clothes, having your scent, and speaking with your voice? Engage all of your senses in the moment and you will be amazed, and possibly a little overwhelmed, at the amount of information you can take in.

Now feel the subtle energy in the exchange. Are they being emotional in any way? Can you sense their anger, excitement, pain, joy? Deeper yet, do they leave you feeling uplifted and happy, or drained and depressed? This is just one of the easy ways to develop senses in the present, both subtle and gross. You can apply this technique of intense presence with any object or situation you wish.

But what is the mechanism that transmits all of this sense stimuli to us so that we are able to receive information at all? The second most important thing to keep in mind is that all of the sensory input you receive in the present moment is vibrational in nature.

In the physical world, light is a vibration. Sound also. Smell, touch, and taste are all induced on our sense receptors and transmitted to our brains through vibration. These vibrations are energies resonating at a certain frequency. Color, shading, and density determine the frequency of vibration that we perceive with sight. But there are some frequencies that we don’t readily register with our eyes. Infrared and ultraviolet rays are outside our normal range of perception. Even so, we can utilize modern technologies to see into these bands of light.

In the same way, we can be trained with ancient technologies of energy perception to see the energy fields around the human body. Skilled seers and clairvoyants can see these multi-hued energies that surround us. They also see that life force energy is crystal clear, radiant, and translucent and takes on added color when blended with these personal energies or the energy fields of other things. Shamans in the Toltec tradition are trained to see the human energy field as a luminous egg that surrounds us. By observing the state and condition of the egg, these shamans are able to diagnose all kinds of problems a person might have and then treat them.

The same is true with hearing. We have a normal range of hearing, but there are bands of frequencies both above and below this. The trained ear can hear much, much more than the untrained. In the same way, professionals, especially those in counseling and psychology, are trained to listen intently. A good one not only hears what is being said, but also what is being left unsaid. They not only hear it, but they can feel it. And this, strangely enough, is where the hard-wired senses overlap with the energetic senses, right here in the “felt sense.”

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood skills we have for sensing energy is our felt sense. All of us feel energy, even though our brains may not understand that this is what is happening. With our tactile sense, we feel the gross energies of the elements of the world like the heat of a campfire and the charged feel in the air just after a lightning storm. We feel the energies of our personal bodies through touch and movement, and perceive personal energy through feelings and emotions. Through this felt sense we are able to sense the energy of each other. As we develop this felt sense, which includes all of our sensory information along with feelings and emotions, we begin to make huge leaps in what we are able to perceive.

This is the kind of felt sense that enables us to perceive and receive vast amounts of energy. This amazing felt sense comes from our personal energy field and its ability to feel all other energy. When our personal energy field senses something that is important for us to pay attention to, we receive feelings that we may refer to as gut feelings, intuition, knowing, or a sixth sense. These feelings may be sensed in our mind, emotions, or body, but they come as a feeling that is not consciously created by our mind, emotions, or body. We will discuss personal energy and energy fields in the next chapter, but it is important to recognize this amazing built-in energy perceiver and receiver that connects us with all other energies and sends us useful information about these other energies.

For example, many of us know the “good vibes/bad vibes” designation of what we feel when we are around certain people or in certain places. We sense things like, this place feels warm and comfortable, or you could cut the tension with a knife, or that person feels cold and angry even though no one has said a word. This is the energy of people, animals, places, and things that we are sensing. All things vibrate, and these vibrations are sensed and read by our energy systems; the results manifest as feelings that can guide us. Likewise, we send out energy vibrations that others feel and read. This energy exchange is clear when you consider your responses to meeting someone that you instantly don’t like or are instantly attracted to. The effect is like a magnetic push or pull, repelling or attracting. This response does not happen in your head from thought—it occurs in the felt senses of your body’s energy field.

It is in this way that we interact with the interconnected web of life. We are sentient beings that feel and respond to the many energies around us, just as these other energies feel and respond to the many energies around them. But I’d like to take this one step deeper. As you recall at the beginning of this chapter, I stated that everything is energy created out of energy. That energy is omnipresent and is the undercurrent, the potential, and the basis of all things. Energy is also all non-things and the space within and between things. Because of this, we are all one. Though we may seem separate because we have slightly different rates of vibration that allow for minute variations, we are—at our core—beings created using the same energy. So while we are our own personal energy, we are also a part of the greater whole. The web of life that our ancestors spoke about is not only an interweaving of all energies. It is also the whole of all energies.

Plain and simple, what this means to you is that all you need to do to energize yourself is to become aware of and connect with the infinite well of energy that exists both inside and outside of you. Awareness of the subtle energies may be a difficult thing to comprehend at first. You need to develop your responsiveness skills and use all of your senses to feel them. This takes practice. Begin by trying this exercise in energy play. With palms open and hands relaxed, rub your hands together. After doing this for a few moments slowly pull them apart, really sensing what you feel. Do you feel the heat and pull of the energy? It may feel rather sticky, making it subtly harder to pull apart. You may also feel the pulsing and tingling vibration of the energy. Another energy-sensing exercise is to hold one hand palm up and draw circles about a half an inch above the palm, using the index finger of the other hand, not touching the palm. Can you feel heat or a tingling outline of the circle?

The activities described throughout this book are designed to facilitate this same flow of energy throughout your body and energy field. You may feel the powerful energy right away as you perform these activities, or it may take time and practice for you to begin to notice an increase in awareness and ability to tangibly feel energy. Once energy sensitivities and connections evolve, it becomes possible to harness the power of this force to fully energize yourself!

Understanding the nature of energy is essential for being able to employ it for your benefit. Now that you grasp all of that in general, it’s time to approach practical ways to connect with and productively utilize energy.

How to Connect with Energy

The first step to connecting with energy is taking the time to make it happen. This can best be accomplished by setting aside at least 15 to 20 minutes per day to practice the energizing activity of your choice. You won’t get energized if you don’t practice the exercises that connect you with energy. Make a special date with yourself and keep this appointment every day to the best of your ability.

The second step of your energizing program is to purchase or make a journal. This is an important step and one that should not be skipped, as journaling is a great tool for self-awareness and connection to energy. Find or make a journal that reflects your personality with pictures or designs that bring you energy. You will be using your journal to explore yourself, and this should be perceived as a fun tool. Perhaps for the first time in your life, you are giving yourself permission to take the time to explore you.

By taking a short amount of time each day after your guided journey, meditation, or energy-connecting exercise to freely express yourself, you begin to reveal the deep inner you that has been hidden under all the “doing” and all the roles you have to fill. Enjoy this special time that you get to spend with yourself and allow this to be a time for self-nurturing and energizing. Write freely, and do not be concerned with grammar or punctuation. I want to emphasize again that this is not a trivial exercise. Through the process of journaling, you begin the process of re-acquaintance and communication with an old friend. Your journal entries help you to verbalize your experiences and therefore ground them in your body. You’ll be amazed at the wisdom that will spring forth after immersing yourself in energy.

Guided Journeys

Each chapter contains a guided journey with pleasant visualizations and gentle suggestions that will soften and relax your mind and body into an altered state of consciousness. This state helps you access and sense energy more easily, especially at first. All of the guided journeys begin with the Universal Induction on page TK, so you may want to mark that page for easy reference.

The journeys can be read and then followed in your mind. Alternately, you can self-record the journeys so that your mind will be free to deeply relax as you follow along. You can also do them with a partner so that one can read the journey as the other performs it, then switch. To record your voice or to read for another, speak in slow, soft monotone, pausing at all punctuation, and any other time you feel would be appropriate. Speak slowly and quietly. The object is for you or your partner to be lulled into deep relaxation.

The guided journeys, whether self-recorded, read by a partner, or from the accompanying CD, should never be listened to while driving a car or operating machinery. The intent of the induction is to guide you into a relaxed, altered state of consciousnesses that sets aside the conscious critical mind. This should only be done when you are in a safe and appropriate place.

Before each journey begins, you will be asked to start to ease yourself out of your everyday conscious mind by entering a space where you can relax and be comfortable, a place I call a “soft space.” A soft space is a place where you feel calm, content, and at ease. This setting may vary depending on personal needs and tastes. Some people prefer airy, sunny rooms with fountains babbling nearby. Some may prefer a cozy corner room in the basement painted in earthy tones, dimly lit with soft drumming in the background. The place that you choose is a special place because it is where your energy resonates. If there is no such place in your home, perhaps there is a place in your vicinity—a meditation center, a reading room in the library, or a private room in your church. The place is of no consequence, but how you feel there is. Once you have found or created your soft space, I recommend taking a few minutes of quiet, alone time before beginning the guided journey. Try playing some relaxing or instrumental music to help you unwind and then begin when you are ready. In this more relaxed state of consciousness, you will be more receptive to feeling, visualizing, and sensing the type of energy described in each guided journey. 

Energy Meditations

In each chapter, the guided journey is followed by a meditation and several energy-connecting exercises. The meditation is best undertaken during quiet, alone time when you are relaxed and comfortable. Each meditation will help you ponder the ideas addressed in that chapter and tap into your own inner wisdom about this type of energy and how you can best utilize its power. You don’t need any knowledge of or experience with meditation. You need only to be willing to become aware of the energy and wisdom that is already flowing through you. 

Begin each meditation by sitting comfortably in quiet contemplation in nature or in a soft space where you will not be disturbed. The intention of this type of meditation is non-traditional. You are not attempting to empty your thoughts and feelings by focusing on your breath or an object such as a candle flame as in many traditional forms of meditation. Your intention is to sink down into your thoughts and feelings, and really think and feel them while being fully aware of what you are thinking and feeling. Strive to be fully present with yourself during this practice. Do them with your awake and aware mind, emotions, body, and spirit. Be conscious in your head, in your heart with your feelings and emotions, with the sensations in your body and with the vibrations and resonance of your energy field. Think about, wrap your mind around, sit with, and notice what you think, feel, and sense everywhere in your whole being about the subject of your meditation.

Then drop your awareness deep into your center to meet your inner wisdom. Your inner wisdom is the aspect of yourself that is your inner guide, your intuition and inner knowing. Here is where your body receives messages from your personal energy field in the form of the felt sense. Allow all the messages of your inner wisdom and felt sense to bubble up into your awareness. Be conscious of the felt sense everywhere in your body. Notice what you feel physically. Be conscious of the felt sense everywhere in your mind. Notice everything that you are thinking. Be conscious of the felt sense everywhere in your emotions. Notice everything that you are feeling. Be conscious of the felt sense everywhere in your energy field. Notice what you feel spiritually. Notice what you feel intuitively. Become conscious in your whole being.

When you are ready, allow yourself to gently return to full ordinary consciousness. Take a few moments to notice what you feel with all your senses, thoughts, and emotions. You don’t have to do anything with these feelings—just notice them. Become aware of what remains the same, and of any changes that you may sense. Write down your thoughts and feelings in your journal, fully expressing yourself as deeply and openly as possible.

Energy-Connecting Exercises

The energy-connecting exercises in each chapter and on the CD have been carefully designed to help you connect with energy all throughout the day with very energizing and powerful results. They are also intended to help you awaken your felt sense, become aware of the type of energy addressed in each of the chapters, and help you to perceive, receive, and conduct that type of energy. By using focus, intention, attention, visualization, and the physical gathering of energy, you will be able to connect with energy mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically every day for the rest of your life.

The energy-connecting exercises can be performed anywhere, at any time because you do not need to enter into an altered state of consciousness for them to be effective. Each of these exercises is designed with a specific energizing purpose, be it igniting your personal energy, clearing blockages and leakages, or drawing in powerful universal, divine and source energies. They are all superb energizers and fatigue busters. These exercises can be performed quickly wherever you are and whenever you are in need; or, if you have the time, the desire, and are in an appropriate place, you may choose to enter into an altered state of consciousness before performing these exercises for added relaxation and receptivity.

Connecting with Energy through Altered Consciousness

Intentionally relaxing your mind and body into a state of altered consciousness is a powerful way to become open and receptive to energy, especially for the beginner. Why? Because our ego-oriented, “ordinary” consciousness is often the very thing that blocks us from making a deep connection. To tap into our personal and universal energies, we need to circumvent our everyday grocery-list mentality and speak to our self to incorporate the very seat of our being into our program of vibrant health and self-actualization. By setting aside our well-stratified psychological defenses and opening to a more fluid and less guarded energetic state, we initiate a positive move toward balance, openness, and overall clarity. Techniques for accomplishing this have been developed in a host of different psychological and spiritual disciplines the world over for millennia. They work by setting aside or getting underneath our cluttered, everyday ego-mind, often by inducing brainwave patterns most conducive to this outcome.

There are many effective ways to achieve an altered state of consciousness such as progressive relaxation, visualization, and hypnosis, and indeed entire books have been written on these subjects alone. Entering into an altered consciousness occurs naturally through many methods, including such skills as daydreaming, lucid dreaming, becoming mesmerized by such things as a campfire, deep relaxation, countdown, prayer, meditating, journeying, trance dancing, drumming, rattling, and many forms of ritual and ceremony. Though entering into an altered state of consciousness is easy and natural, it may require patience if you are not accustomed to intentionally entering into such a state. It does become much easier with continued practice.

When in this state, you will feel relaxed yet aware because your senses are heightened. You are always in control while in an altered state and can return to ordinary consciousness whenever you are ready simply by opening your eyes and reorienting yourself. However, to allow yourself more time to shift consciousness, I recommend counting from 21 to 1 and then opening your eyes. Always be gentle with yourself while coming out of an altered state, take in a deep breath, and notice how you feel.

The Universal Induction described below is an effective tool for generating an altered state of consciousness through deep relaxation. By inviting the brain to become a distant observer, you create a calm, clear mind that allows energy to become more accessible. Whenever you have the additional few minutes needed, I recommend using this universal induction as a relaxation aid to start off any of the activities taught throughout this book.

Universal Induction

Go to a soft space where you will be undisturbed, darken the room, and turn off all phones. Play any soothing relaxing music that you enjoy. Sit or lay down where you will feel warm and comfortable, safe and protected. Take a moment to quiet yourself.

“Take in a deep breath and relax. Allow your eyes to naturally close. Let go of any worries or stresses. Let yourself know that right now there is nowhere else to go and nothing else to do. Relax and enjoy this time for yourself. Take in a long, deep breath and feel the air expand and nurture your lungs. As you exhale, allow all your stresses and tensions to release. With each inhalation, feel clear, pure energy entering your lungs and spreading throughout your body. With each exhalation, feel any toxins, discomfort, or pain exiting your body with the breath. Allow your mind to relax as the muscles of your body melt deep into the place where you are sitting or laying. Feel supported and cradled by the Earth, floor, chair, couch, or bed. With your next inhalation and exhalation, allow your body to fully relax, feeling at peace. Allow any thoughts to flow through you, acknowledge them, and then let them float away, drifting away like balloons, high into the sky. Your mind relaxes and your brain becomes a quiet, distant observer.

As you continue to relax, a gentle, soothing feeling of relaxation washes up over your body and washes back down again, like a gentle lapping of waves. Relax and feel the rhythm of relaxation wash in, and wash back out, wash in, and wash back out, wash in, and wash back out. Warming, soothing, and relaxing. Warming, soothing, and relaxing. As you continue to relax, resting in this peaceful, comfortable place, feeling the rhythm of the relaxation washing in, and washing back out, washing in, and washing back out, allow the muscles in your toes, feet, and ankles, to relax. Feel those muscles as they lengthen and uncoil, loosen and relax. Allow the muscles in your shins and calves, knees, thighs, your entire legs to become loose and relaxed. Feel those muscles as they lengthen and uncoil, loosen and relax. As you continue to relax, allow the muscles in your pelvis, buttocks, stomach, and lower back to become loose and relaxed. All the muscles in your torso lengthen and uncoil, loosen and relax. And as you continue to relax, allow the muscles in your chest, upper back, and lungs to become loose and relaxed. Feel those muscles lengthen and uncoil, loosen and relax. Take in a deep breath, and feel the air filling your lungs, moving all the way down to the bottom of your lungs pushing your belly out. As you exhale, push your stomach in to exhale all the way from the bottom of your lungs. Feel the air coming out through your nose and mouth. Feel the life force energy of the breath move within you as you fully exhale and deeply inhale once more. As you continue to relax, allow the muscles in your shoulders, arms, elbows, forearms, hands, and fingers to become loose and relaxed. Feel those muscles as they lengthen and uncoil, loosen and relax. As you continue to relax, allow the muscles in your neck, throat, face, the back of your head, and the top of your head to become loose and relaxed. Feel those muscles lengthen and uncoil, loosen and relax. Take in a deep and satisfying breath, filling your lungs all the way down to your stomach, and as you release the breath, your body feels totally relaxed, loose and relaxed, loose and relaxed. As you continue to relax, the muscles everywhere in your body become loose and relaxed. Feel every muscle, cell, and organ lengthen and uncoil, loosen and relax. Relax every muscle fiber and every nerve. Totally relaxing your body, totally relaxing your mind. Loose and relaxed, loose and relaxed. As you continue to relax in this peaceful, comfortable place, soothing and healing and resting, deepen your relaxation and enter into an altered state of consciousness by slowly counting in your mind from 1 to 21, relaxing deeper and deeper with every number that you count. Know that when you reach 21, you will be completely calm and relaxed. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, deeply and totally relaxed. As you continue to relax, allow yourself to drift into a deep inner stillness. Remain quiet, and relaxed, allowing the peaceful stillness deep within you to melt away any last bits of tension.

Take in a deep and satisfying breath, filling your lungs all the way down to your stomach. As you release the breath, your body feels totally relaxed, loose and relaxed, loose and relaxed. As you continue to relax, the muscles everywhere in your body become loose and relaxed. Feel every muscle, cell, and organ lengthen and uncoil, loosen and relax. Relax every muscle fiber and every nerve. Totally relaxing your body, totally relaxing your mind. Loose and relaxed, loose and relaxed.”

Remain relaxed, and quiet for as long as you are able, or have time for, and when you are ready to return, count back from 21 to 1, slowly open your eyes and allow yourself time to shift consciousness. Be gentle with yourself, take in a deep breath, and notice how you feel. Allow yourself to gently return to full ordinary consciousness. Take a few moments to notice what you feel with all your senses, thoughts, and emotions. You don’t have to do anything with these feelings, just notice them. Become aware of what remains the same, and of any changes that you may sense. Write down your thoughts and feelings in a journal, fully expressing yourself as deeply and openly as possible.

How to use the CD for maximum benefit

The accompanying CD is a powerful energizing tool consisting of five activities that vary in length from approximately four to forty minutes - the Universal Induction described above, a peaceful relaxing journey to your sacred healing medicine place described in Chapter Five, and three energy connecting exercises, the Rainbow Waterfall in Chapter Three, the Lighted Energy Egg in Chapter Four, and the Advanced Rainbow Fountain in Chapter Seven. 

The Universal Induction is a guided relaxation that will gently ease you into an altered state of consciousness to help you access, sense and receive energy more easily. It can be used by itself or in combination with any of the meditations or energy connecting exercises. Listening to the Universal Induction on the CD prior to practicing any of the activities will facilitate a stronger and deeper energy connection. Each of the three energy connecting exercises on the CD is designed with a specific energizing purpose, be it activating your personal energy, clearing blockages and leakages, or drawing in powerful universal, divine and source energies. They can be practiced individually or in combination with each other and the Universal Induction. The guided journey, the longest activity on the CD, is a relaxing excursion that immerses your soul in the powerfully-healing, high-vibrational energy of the universal life force. 

Used as a part of a consistent energy connecting practice and any time you need a boost of energy throughout the day, this CD will help open you to new worlds of energy.


Now that you understand the basics, you are ready to energize yourself. I invite you to engage your focus and intent, step into your power, and use the tools presented in this book and CD to enhance the vitality of your body, mind, and spirit. The energies of the universe are literally at your fingertips. All you have to do is claim this energy for life!