Energy for Life

Connect with the Source

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Table of Contents

Chapter One: Energy 101
  • What is Energy?
  • A brief history.
  • Modern trends.
  • Deepening and expanding our personal awareness of energy.
  • How to connect with energy.
  • Guided journeys.
  • Energy meditations.
  • Energy-connecting exercises.
  • Connecting with energy through altered consciousness.
  • Universal Induction.
  • How to use the CD for maximum benefit.

Chapter Two: Connecting with Personal Energy
  • Stimulating and becoming aware of your personal energy.
  • What is personal energy?
  • Why would I want to activate my personal energy?
  • How to activate my personal energy.
  • Guided Journey: Energizing your Personal Energy!
  • Meditation: Perceiving and Connecting with Personal Energy.
  • Personal Energy-Connecting Exercises.
  • Chakra Opening/Connecting.
  • Centering.
  • Fill with Love.
  • Personal Energy Boost.
  • Energy Circle.
  • Inner Wisdom.
  • Inversion Awareness Energy Exercise Steps 1-4.

Chapter Three: Energy Blockages
  • Removing blockages that prevent the free flow of energy.
  • What are energy blockages?
  • Why would I want to remove energy blockages?
  • How to remove energy blockages?
  • Guided Journey: Becoming Aware of and Releasing Energy Blockages.
  • Activate your Internal Wisdom and Healer.
  • Meditation: Explore and Release Energy Blockages.
  • Personal Energy-Connecting Exercises.
  • Blockage Sieve.
  • Energy Field Sweeping.
  • Shake Off.
  • Fire Energy.
  • Rainbow Waterfall.
  • Internal Rainbow Fountain.

Chapter Four: Energy Leakages
  • Sealing leakages that drain our personal energy.
  • What is energy leakage?
  • Why would I want to stop energy leaks?
  • How to seal energy leaks.
  • Guided Journey: Sealing off Energy Leaks using your Internal Wisdom and Healer.
  • Meditation: Sense and Close Energy Leaks.
  • Sealing Energy Leakage Exercises.
  • Cord Cutting and Healing.
  • Swirling Rainbow Cocoon.
  • Energy Protection Shields.
  • Circle of Mirrors.
  • Cobalt Blue Egg.
  • Choose Your Own Shield.
  • Four Elements Shield.
  • Lighted Energy Egg.

Chapter Five: Connecting with Universal Life Force Energy
  • Drawing in the universal life force energy that is everywhere around us.
  • What is universal life force energy?
  • Why would I want to connect with universal life force energy?
  • Sensing life force energy and universal life force energy.
  • How to connect with life force energy?
  • Guided Journey: Sacred Healing Medicine Place.
  • Meditation: Open to Receiving and Perceiving Life Force Energy in Nature.
  • Life Force Energy-Connecting Exercises.
  • Opening.
  • Gathering Life Force Energy.
  • Strong Mountain.
  • Energy Boost.
  • Inversion Awareness Energy Exercise Steps 1-5.
  • Rainbow Fountain.

Chapter Six: Divine Spiritual Energy
  • Energetically connecting with divine and spiritual energy, religious and spiritual Deities, and Spirit Guides.
  • What are Divine Spiritual Energies, Deities, and Spirit Guides?
  • Spirituality and Science.
  • Spirit protocol.
  • Why would I want to connect with Divine Spiritual Energy?
  • How to connect with Divine Spiritual Energy.
  • Guided Journey: Connecting with Energy by meeting your Spirit Guides.
  • Meditation: to connect with Divine Spiritual Energy.
  • Connecting with Divine Spiritual Energy Exercises.
  • Meet with your Spirit Guide.
  • Nature and Earth Elemental Spirit Beings.
  • Omen Reading.
  • Altar Connection.
  • Filling with Spiritual Power.
  • Blending with Spirit.

Chapter Seven: Returning to Source
  • Energetically creating balance and oneness with our world.
  • What is returning to source?
  • Why is returning to source helpful?
  • How to return to source.
  • Guided Journey: Returning to Source: External Void.
  • Meditation: Returning to Source.
  • Returning to Source Exercises.
  • Center of the Earth Void.
  • Internal Void.
  • Nature.
  • Heart Meditation.
  • Spirit Guide Assistance.
  • Advanced Rainbow Fountain.

Chapter Eight: Energy for Life
  • Practical energy use ideas for everyday life.
  • Creating an energizing practice.
  • Working the program.
  • Energize throughout the day.