The Hollow Bone

A Field Guide to Shamanism

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Foreword by Sandra Ingerman



Part One: Shamanism and the Shamanic Worldview
Chapter 1: The Spirituality of the Ages
Chapter 2: The Shaman’s Companions: Helping Spirits
Chapter 3: The Spirit of Nature and the Circle of Life

Part Two: Who Are the Shamans?
Chapter 4: The Many Faces of Shamanism
Chapter 5: Answering the Call: Becoming a Shaman

Part Three: Shamanic Practices
Chapter 6: The Foundation of Shamanic Practice
Chapter 7: Practices from Around the World

Part Four: Shamanism and Healing
Chapter 8: Shamanic Healing for Individuals
Chapter 9: Shamanic Healing and the Collective Us

Part Five: Personal Healing, Shamanism, and Being of Service: Your Calling
Chapter 10: Finding Balance in an Imbalanced World
Chapter 11: Your Personal Shamanic Practice
Chapter 12: Connecting With Other Shamans

Conclusion: The Future Is Yours

Resources for Personal Healing, Learning, and Exploration



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