Inner Power

6 Techniques for Increased Energy & Self Healing

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Thankfully, there is a silver lining within every form of adversity. If chronic illness is your adversity, then discovering your inner power for self-healing is your silver lining, just as it was mine. In harnessing my latent inner power to heal myself with the techniques that you will learn in this book, I have actualized a positive outcome from a horrible illness.

Because of this, most mornings now, begin like today. I lace up my running shoes and bounce out the door, passing by the bank thermometer in my small town before moving on to the wooded country roads. With another deep breath of cold crisp air, my lungs confirm the eighteen-degree reading. Just outside of town, the dried weeds of the frosty fields appear magically enchanted by winter faeries as millions of diamond-like sparkling ice crystals glisten in the breaking sunshine. A quarter mile further, the soft orange glow of sunrise warms the snow-laden trees of the swampy forest. Today is an ordinary weekday morning. Soon, the day will become busy with clients in my healing and therapy practice, and the evening with teaching classes, so I slip out alone at first light for a quiet four mile run. Thoughts of the past and the wonder of a beautiful new day engage my mind as my sleepy muscles warm to the exertion. Even though it is an ordinary day, it is a special day.

It is a special day because I am healthy, alive, and vital. I consider the significance of this and open myself to the wonder of that simple thought wrapped in the miracle of this new day. Gliding along the road lost in contemplation, I realize it is because of where I have been that I am so aware and thankful for each day, this quiet time, and my healthy body. You see it hasn?t always been that I could enjoy a cold crisp morning this way. For nearly ten years I fought the unidentifiable degenerative monster of chronic fatigue immune deficiency syndrome (cfids), an illness characterized by chronic debilitating symptoms including; sore throat, swollen lymph glands, sleeplessness, extreme fatigue, low grade fever, below-normal body temperature causing a frozen to the core feeling, headaches, heart problems, mental confusion, muscle weakness and pain, neurological disorders, and depression, to name a few.

It is an illness that moves throughout the body, shape-shifting in appearance and symptoms, defying diagnosis and treatment as it ambushes every system and organ it encounters. Chronic Fatigue destroys life as it renders its victim?s weakened immune system susceptible to every cold and flu virus, bacteria and allergen that floats by. Every symptom with this illness is chronic, painful, and excruciatingly debilitating. When combined, they created the crippling loss of my life as I had known it.

I could no longer do all the things I wanted and needed to do. My active life diminished to mere survival and many days I was unable to get out of bed or function at all. This was so unlike me. Before the illness, I had been full of energy and enthusiasm for life. I ran marathons and I bicycled centuries (100 mile rides). I did intensive speed-work training runs and competed in 5K running races, often winning awards in my age group. I drove myself to be a super athlete, an involved and loving mom, the perfect wife, and an exemplary employee. Then this monster slowly sucked away my active life. As the symptoms lingered and worsened with each passing year, my spirit and passion for life evaporated. I lost my power, my energy to live, and I lost my self. The numerous and mysterious chronic symptoms continued to worsen and deteriorate my body and life for years.

After countless visits to the doctor, I was finally diagnosed with Epstein-Barr virus (one of the purported causes of cfids and fibromyalgia) and I was advised to go home and rest, since there was no known medical treatment. I went nuts inside! Was he crazy?!? I was a wife, a mother of three, a psychotherapist with a full-time career, and an athlete in my ?spare? time. I couldn?t just go home and rest. I refused to live my life a victim of this illness, so the fighter in me woke up, and I became motivated to start looking for healing alternatives. I tried everything in an attempt to heal. I tried every herb and supplement that claimed to boost the immune system. I received massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, and energy bodywork, to name but a few. All of these were very helpful for keeping me functioning, but they did not cure this beast of an illness for me.

Something was missing, something deeper. Years went by and the chronic symptoms worsened still further, leading to severe depression and an intolerance of my pain and sickness that drove me to the brink of suicide on several desperate occasions. And then one day, with gun in hand, sitting on the edge of my bed, I looked up at my darling daughter?s kindergarten silhouette and I finally understood. The bright spirit of that little girl shining through the picture somehow made it click that in all of my roles and responsibilities, in all of my doing and busyness I had lost my spirit, my inner soul-self. The truth was clear, I had become energy depleted, powerless and dis-spirited. I had lost my soul to the rules and roles of being who I thought I was expected to be as a wife, daughter, parent, and as a career therapist. I had attempted to take care of everyone else around me and in the process neglected myself.

I no longer made time for the things that nurtured my soul and everyday mundane existence drained my precious life force. I had relinquished my very being to the expectations of society and this was slowly, painfully, killing me. In shock, I lowered the gun and cried in grief and gratitude. When all was lost and there was nothing else to do, my real work began. I became serious about my search to find my self, my soul, and my health. I decided to make my health an important priority and I poured what precious little energy I had into searching for healing and truth. Since the medical community had no answers, I re-visited the alternative healing community and tried multitudes of methods, reading any healing book that I could get my hands on, and exploring every alternative healing technique available in the mid-Michigan area. I literally searched high and low for any "witch doctor" in the world that could make me whole.

Again, I had wonderful experiences with the therapists that I worked with, but once more, no cure. I would feel better for a while after the sessions and then regress right back into the same dark hole of illness, pain, and depression from whence I had come. Something important was missing, but what could it be? And then gradually the answers came rolling in. I began to pick up insights from the healing sessions and books. Those, combined with my incessant inner search, began to bring me closer and closer to the truth. I looked carefully at how I felt after each session, what was done at the sessions that made me feel the best for the longest time, and what those techniques had in common. I began to see a pattern that entailed energy movement of one kind or another, whether it be acupuncture, Reiki, massage/energy work, hypnotherapy, Genesis sound healing, or various spiritual pursuits. Energy cleansing and/or energy filling were the essential ingredients. While the energy was fresh or for as long as I remained energy filled and energetically clean, I felt good. Sometimes this would last for a few hours, days, or sometimes weeks depending upon my life and stresses at the time. As I paid close attention to my body responses and asked questions, it dawned on me that the key to healing is energy movement.

I asked myself, since I keep running out of energy and it is expensive and impractical to continually go to a therapist to refill, how can I prevent the energy from being depleted, and can I learn to replenish that energy myself? It was then that my search for healing changed focus from external (getting it done for me) to internal (doing it for myself). This brought me to be trained in the powerful energy-moving soul-self connecting techniques that create self-healing described in this book. One by one, techniques were added, subtracted, and combined as I attended trainings, worked with therapists and spiritual teachers, and experimented with my daily practices until I found the blend that consistently yielded healing results. The six powerful self-healing techniques described here drastically changed my life and my health by replenishing my ravaged energy and carrying me deep within to re-connect with my soul-self. Gradually my daily practice of self-healing turned into full recovery from the monster illness that had invaded my body.

Soon I recognized that I had inadvertently confirmed that the healing "witch doctor" wasn't external after all. The healing "witch doctor" that I had unsuccessfully searched for years to find was, and is, me. We all have this healing soul-self deep within us. All we have to do to re-connect with it is to turn our attention inward. As I continued to experience profound personal healing, I taught these techniques to my clients, paid close attention to their practices and results, and we continued to refine our personal practices together. By request, this gradually grew into teaching classes and workshops in the potent self-healing techniques that you are about to discover. In doing so, I am continually blessed with being able to witness incredible physical healing, self-actualization, and enlightenment in my students. The first two chapters of this book will introduce you to the concepts of self-healing, help you to make your commitment to heal yourself and instruct you in how to begin your own healing program with relaxation, stress reduction and exercises to re-connect you with your inner healing soul-self.

Chapter 3 begins the detailed descriptions of the six self-healing techniques found to be most consistently effective. The first technique of Visualization, described in this chapter, facilitates a major shift in perception. Visualization is the attention focusing technique of creating visual images in the mind for our own benefit. This is accomplished by harnessing the ingenious power of our focused imagination. Since the mind reacts physiologically to imagined events the same way it does to real events, we can create health by visualizing health, just as we can manifest anything else we desire in this way.

I created a vision of myself going to a beautiful place in nature on a warm and sunny day. In a safe and protected area in this beautiful place I would lie down, rest, and feel the warm sun penetrating into my frozen sick body. I visualized the warming sun melting into my solar plexus, the glowing warmth spreading out from my center into my chest and thighs and then radiating out to the tips of my toes and fingers, to the top of my head. I experienced warming glowing sunshine moving all through my body, healing my body, nurturing every aching muscle, every stressed cell. By practicing my intentional visualizations on a regular basis, my body became stronger, less fatigued and far less pained. I also began to get in touch with the old me that used to be so strong, healthy and fun loving. Intentional Visualization is the doorway that began my process of reconnecting with my soul-self, life force and passion for living. Building on this success, I created many visualization exercises that move energy through the body for cleansing and filling.

These exercises comprise the second healing technique of Energy-Healing described in chapter 4. Taking this technique one step deeper with the power of suggestion, I added the third technique of Self-Hypnosis, described in chapter 5, to my self-healing repertoire after becoming trained as a Certified Hypnotherapist. Hypnosis entails being guided into a relaxed, alpha brain wave state of consciousness through muscle relaxation and visualization in a serene environment by a Hypnotherapist. I found adapting the technique of hypnosis for self-healing to be simple, and achieved success by self-recording tapes with a series of body and mind relaxations, visualizations, and suggestions for healing. The tapes I created were expanded versions of the visualizations where I imagined myself in a peaceful and beautiful environment, boosting my immune system and warming my body. Building on the success of these visualizations, I added the inductions that facilitate deep relaxation and the suggestions I wanted for symptom relief and overall healing.

After creating a warm comfortable environment with no interruptions, I played the tape, relaxed, and allowed myself to flow with the suggestions that took me to beautiful relaxing far off places where my body was warm and healthy. Listening to these tapes on a regular basis facilitated even deeper healing and my body grew stronger. Once I became accustomed to harnessing the power of my mind for healing, I added the fourth self-healing practice of Meditation, described in chapter 6. This is a skill that was difficult for me at first. I am a very type A, busy, busy, person. It was a struggle for me to quiet myself down enough to be successful, but with practice and focus, meditation has become a very important component in my healing practices. The common theme in all meditative practices is concentration and focus of the mind. Some meditations may focus on the breath, others on a movement, still others on an object. The actual object the mind is focusing on varies with the many differing forms of meditation, but the goal of mind focus, including or excluding any other action, remains essentially the same. The goal is to free the mind of mental dispersion, thus creating the state of mindfulness or bare awareness. In this state of bare awareness, we have the ability to connect with our inner soul-self and the divine energy of the universe. I have found that by shifting my focus away from my busy external life with meditation, a reawaking of my personal energy occurs that heals my body.

Opening to my soul-self just 15 to 20 minutes a day helps me become aware, alive, and intuitive. The calm, quiet connection I find during and after meditation also facilitates an awareness that helps me to check in with the sensations and needs of my mind, emotions, body and soul so I can better take care of my self. The fifth self-healing technique of Personal Journeying, described in chapter 7 was added a short time later, after I attended the first of many intensive workshops in Shamanism. Journeying for personal growth and healing is a technique I call Personal Journeying, and it is the most profound healing technique I utilize. Each journey is personal, deep, and healing on all levels.

A strong healthy body is but one of the many benefits I reap. Listening to steady drumming, rattling or music, the journeyer's body relaxes and their mind shifts into the deeply relaxed state of altered consciousness of theta. In this trance state, the journeyer travels inward to the world of the soul-self and spirit guides, to a reality that is tangible and accessible, just outside of our daily perceptions. Ecstatic energy and inner truth can be experienced in this special state that creates balance within the body. Peace and calmness seep into everyday life from this direct spirit and soul-self connection and it is fun to meet and interact with the many Spirits, to explore new worlds, and to personally connect with the divine. The sixth self-healing technique, the psychological and emotional self-evaluation process of The Psyche Inventory, described in chapter 9, was born from a combination of my deep inner search and my professional psychological training. Knowing that there was something very deep feeding this illness, in addition to practicing the powerful self-healing techniques described here, I also embarked on a quest for healing deep within my psyche and emotions.

As a therapist and spiritual agnostic I had an experiential and innate understanding that the messages being sent as symptoms through my body were to engage the attention of my consciousness. Working on that premise, it became my goal to try to understand what these symptomatic messages meant. Through this process of honestly exploring the inner workings of my emotions, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, societal programming, and the past events that had shaped my development, I opened a doorway into my soul. I freed up valuable personal energy by clearing away energetic blockages formed from mental and emotional baggage that I had previously been unaware that I held onto and I gained an intimate understanding of myself that I had never known. Through this process I came to understand that the adversity of this illness was my wake-up call to find my true self and my spirit in order to create a healthier life.

To awaken from my rigid life of soulless illusion required a shake-up so great that I could not ignore it. Being a go-getter and an active, physical person, this shake-up came in the form of a crippling physical illness with deep and devastating emotional ramifications, forcing me to pay attention to messages I could no longer deny. Like an onion, layers of hope and pretense, social fa?ade and self deception were peeled away with The Psyche Inventory process until nothing was left of me but a raw, essential soul. Before I became ill, I didn?t take time to consider matters of the soul and wasn?t particularly aware that I had a soul. In the end, my soul was the only thing I had left. And what a powerful thing the soul is! The illusions of who I thought I was and who I thought I was supposed to be began to reveal themselves.

The real me, my soul-self, that was hidden behind expectations, masks, and roles, began to emerge. Once the false-identities and illusions that held me in the bondage of illness had been stripped away, it became much easier to connect with my soul-self, the universal life force energy, and to follow a path toward self-actualization, wholeness and health. The body has the innate ability to heal itself when internal balance and harmony are created. Self-healing works because it activates the energy movement that facilitates internal harmony and balance. The more we move energy to clear blockages and replenish depleted energy, the healthier we are. Illnesses, including cfids and fibromyalgia, are illnesses created by a blockage in our energy field and/or energy loss creating an imbalance. The early symptoms of the illness should alert us to this imbalance, but because we are unaware, we ignore our body or take medications to cover up the early signs.

We often don't pay attention until the imbalance has affected the entire energy field and the illness symptoms become severe. The energy field is the vibrating life force that surrounds and runs through the body. In a healthy body, energy is constantly flowing and moving. If our energy becomes stagnant or stuck, it blocks the natural flow of life force, and illness, disease, and pain may manifest as a result. In addition to becoming blocked, we may unknowingly leak life force energy, depleting ourselves. We burn it away during periods of stress. We may give it away to loved ones who need support or to enemies during conflict. As our energy drains away, we are less able to protect ourselves from foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses, and allergens that find a home in our bodies and make us ill. The key to healing is to clear these blockages, prevent energy loss, and re-ignite our life force with moving energy that creates internal harmony and balance.

The six self-healing techniques described here create this needed balance in various ways. First, the physical act of entering into visualization, self-hypnosis, meditation, or journeying is one of trance and total body relaxation. For that period of time, and the quiet period afterward, the body and mind are allowed to go into a place of peaceful rest and revitalization. Also, because the nature of these techniques is connecting with Spirit and our soul essence, we experience energy vibrations of a higher frequency than our typical human dense vibrational rate. The vibrational rate of an ill person is even slower than that of a healthy person. Therefore, it is essential to increase our vibrational rate to activate healing. Using these integrated techniques of direct universal life force energy connection, we channel the high frequency vibrations through our physical body to release blockages, excite, energize, and change body systems at the atomic and molecular levels.

The more a person connects with this energy source, the stronger their own energy becomes until they are fully healthy and vibrating at a higher rate. The daily adversity of living with illness can have a healthy ending if you actualize your choice to heal and change your life through determination, courage, and the dedicated application of these time-tested self-healing techniques. I know, because by walking this path, many others, and I have experienced phenomenal recovery from illnesses that science tells us have no cure. These experiences illustrate the innate power of the body to heal when the resilience of the soul is actualized. It can provide a torch of hope in the dark night of your illness that will light your path as you search for your soul-self, make that connection, and ultimately succeed in healing yourself. The secret of healing, that we can personally activate energy flow that creates internal harmony and balance, makes us the expert in our own self-healing.

Within the chapters of this book, you will find the techniques that will teach you and empower you to be the expert of your self-healing. If you truly desire to heal yourself, then allow these techniques of self-healing to take you to a new level of living. Regain your life now, come with me on this adventure of self-discovery and learn how easy it is to heal yourself. Open and reconnect with the energy of the life force that flows through and around you. Let it flow freely through your emotions, mind, body, and soul. Healing will happen.