Seeing in the Dark

Claim your own Shamanic Power Now and in the Coming Age

Colleen Deatsman
Red Wheel Weiser 2009

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Seeing in the Dark demonstrates a practice of integral shamanism along with the strategy and approach for making a difference for oneself and the world. It describes the discipline, tools, and way of living that comprise the extensive body of knowledge used to cultivate non-ordinary awareness and achieve personal freedom. Using journeying, ceremony, psychology, energy movement, and traditional shamanism, the authors provide the inner workings we need to evolve an unhampered clarity and live a life that makes a substantive difference. Seeing in the Dark presents a means for connecting to soul and Spirit, achieving the clarity necessary to express the agenda of one’s soul in the world.

Recommendation from Mystic Living Today
written by Riki Frahmann

I had a blast reviewing this 238 page winning how-to on using Shamanic practices in our daily life, for spiritual growth, and for being able to target and remove the stumbling blocks to inner healing. The stories were colorful and very expressive, and the suggestions just made my day, because they were so simple to follow and easy to understand.

The authors really captured my attention and held it through out. I loved the treatment chart at the back because it showed me what methods can help different ailments. My favorite chapter was on soul retrieval. but I felt all the amazing topics were covered equally well. I would recommend this special teacher to anyone who is seeking honest straightforward help of the Shamanic variety. Thanks you two, your insights and exercises are wonderful.