Shamanic Healing for Energy, Health,
Personal Growth, and Wisdom

Shamanic healing can be used to augment counseling, psychotherapy, medical treatment, and mind/body therapies and may provide the missing link to your recovery.
From a shamanic perspective all illnesses, whether mental, emotional or physical, are spiritual imbalances that can be corrected with spiritual intervention.

Individual shamanic healing centers on restoring spiritual wholeness, energy and power to clients, and establishing harmony and balance in the client’s world. A shaman accomplishes this by entering into the journey with their, and the client’s, Helping Spirits, diagnosing the nature of the imbalance, and performing the specified shamanic techniques.

Energy obtained by the shaman on behalf of the client is blown into the client’s energy field and the journey and healing treatments are thoroughly described. Healing takes place on an energetic and spiritual level that affects the mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and physical bodies of the client. Most people find the session to be peaceful and relaxing, yet uplifting and energizing at the same time. Shamanic healing can be performed both in person and at a distance.

‘The Works’ Shamanic Healing Session

The Works is a powerful two hour session that can include techniques such as soul retrieval, soul-self shining, power retrieval, energy cleansing, extraction, depossession, DNA unwinding, psychopomp, energy boundary fortifying, power-filling, and cord-cutting.

In-person and Distance Sessions available:
$100 per two hour session

Techniques that may be utilized in a shamanic healing session:

Soul Retrieval ~ Soul loss is a spiritual and energetic illness where a part of the soul, or core essence of a person, splits off. This loss can cause symptoms such as: depression, addictions, numbness and inability to fully live life, a weakened immune system or frequent illness, and feeling empty inside. Soul loss can occur when a person experiences trauma such as: a child separating from a parent, an accident, surgery, break up of a relationship, substance use, witnessing a traumatic event, any type of abuse, neglect, abandonment, etc. To correct soul loss the shaman journeys with their Helping Spirits to the lost soul part and gathers in the sacred energy. They may also be shown or told the story about why the soul part left. The Shaman then brings the soul part(s) back into ordinary reality and blows them into the energy field of the client. The soul parts are pure, soul energy and are not tainted or wounded in any way. Soul retrieval is a beautiful healing experience that creates wholeness by reuniting the client with their own soul.

Power Retrieval ~ Power loss occurs when a person becomes dis-spirited, losing connection to their Helping Spirits. Symptoms of power loss can include: chronic fatigue, chronic illness, depression, weakness, on-going misfortune and problems. Shamanic cultures believe that everyone is born with guiding Spirits that protect and share power with us. This Spirit help may be lost for many reasons. The shaman restores a person’s spiritual power by journeying to reconnect the client with their Helping Spirits.

Extraction ~ Extraction is the technique of removing obstructions from the energy body, called intrusions, that block the free flow of personal life force energy. An intrusion is characterized by localized chronic pain or discomfort. A shaman, with the help of their Helping Spirits, journeys to identify and remove the intrusion.

Soul-Self Shining ~ Colleen has the gift of soul seeing and affirming; a gift that heals body, mind, emotions, life, and soul. In these Sessions, safe, sacred space supports you in eliminating the cloaks and congestion that block the free flow of your energy and soul essence. By journeying within to the soul center that holds your already existing divinity, wholeness, balance, and perfection, Colleen is able to readily see what is blocking, hiding and limiting your soul expression. She then assists your soul in clearing what limits you, activating that which actualizes your soul’s expression, path and purpose.

To facilitate in bringing forth your Soul-Self the following may take place:

Clearing your Physical body and Luminous Energy Body (Aura)

Clearing, Balancing and Stabilizing the Chakras Energy Centers

Unwinding the DNA

Addressing and Resolving:
Imprinting/Behavioral Patterns

Soul Agreements - Contracts

Cellular Memories

Soul Retrieval

Psychic Cords

Early Life Experiences

Past Life Events

Entity Intrusions

Karmic Patterns

Other Personal Factors

First and foremost, before body and mind, each person is a soul – pure energy. Each person resonates with this soul energy, or soul signature, experienced as a unique vibration or frequency that is the source of life force energy interfacing flowing throughout your body. When you become aware of and attuned to your soul vibration, you are literally One within yourself and in balance and harmony with your surroundings.

With this conscious connection, knowledge of the self and universal wisdom become accessible. A sense of peace and inner power prevail. Many people discover their innate abilities to intuit, to listen, to know, and to more clearly perceive or sense what is right for them to embody their soul purpose. This technique can greatly assist you in attuning to your unique soul signature to allow for a more natural, healthful and fulfilling life.

Life Path Remembrance ~ You and your soul have chosen a purpose that you may have forgotten. Through the shamanic journey the memory of your soul purpose and path can be restored.

In person session: We set an appointment to meet, and begin the session with discussion about the things that you are experiencing and why you are interested in receiving this treatment. While I journey, your intention will be to receive the healing, relax and allow the Spirits and energies to move through you, returning you to balance and wholeness. All details of the experience and the journey are discussed when the journey is complete. 

Distance session: We set a time when we can both be energetically connected. This means that when I am journeying you are resting, perhaps meditating, not "doing" anything - just availing yourself to the healing, clearing, power-filling energies being moved and retrieved on your behalf. We talk via email or phone just before the journey (at the time we set) about the things that you are experiencing and why you are interested in receiving this treatment. Once we are finished talking we enter into the journey. This needs to be a very quiet time for you. No emailing, texting, phone calls, talking with others, etc. Quiet time. The journey is about 40-45 minutes long. Once the journey is completed I will phone or email you (your preference) to share all of the details of the journey, both your experience and mine.



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