Journey To Wholeness

Personal Healing through Spirit
and Soul-self Connection

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Chronic afflictions have increased in prevalence in our society while the traditional medical community has struggled unsuccessfully to develop healing treatment protocols. At a time when an amazing 33%, that is 1 in 3, Americans live with a chronic illness or will develop one during their lifetime, a story of hope and courage emerges from a rural town in Michigan that will give the 90 million Americans who suffer from chronic illness an experienced voice with whom they can identify.

For ten years, Colleen was one of the hopeless who suffered from a chronic illness that traditional medicine could not effectively treat. “Journey to Wholeness” is the story of her descent into illness and how she divined and developed an effective, non-traditional, and self-applied program for the treatment of chronic illness. “Journey to Wholeness” describes in detail how Colleen went from agonized disability to full recovery, and how she has remained in vibrant, good health since 1999. Sufferers of chronic illness will see themselves in Colleen’s story, and gain the hope and tools they need to manifest health and wellness. Through Colleen’s triumphant example readers will learn how to:

* Manifest health and well-being
* Self-Heal from any chronic illness
* Heal mind, emotions, body and soul
* Increase vital life force energy
* Reduce stress
* Self-Actualize
* Master Emotions
* Release, heal and gain better understanding of past experiences
* Re-Connect Mind, Body, Spirit and True Inner Soul-Self

A remarkable and inspiring account of one woman's struggle to find health and live a productive life. Colleen Deatsman's journey is a treasure for all of us: a reminder that in the face of the most discouraging setbacks and suffering, the human spirit can triumph and prevail.
~ Tom Cowan, author of Shamanism: A Spiritual Practice for Daily Life and Fire In The Head.

“Journey to Wholeness” is so inspirational and gave me the boost I needed to continue on my path of self-healing. It was mesmerizing, I was hooked right away and couldn’t put it down. I have asked my husband to read it so he can better understand my struggles.
~ Paula Martin, chronic illness sufferer