Journey To Wholeness: Personal Healing through Spirit and Soul-self Connection

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Table of Contents

Dedications and Acknowledgements
Chapter One: Journey into Hell
Living with chronic fatigue immune deficiency and fibromyalgia. The beginning of this chapter describes a typical day in my life of chronic illness, pain, fatigue, frustration, depression, and mental and emotional anguish. The latter part describes my 10 year struggle to understand what was happening to my body and my life, and to finally receive a diagnosis.
Chapter Two: The Journey WithIn
Exploring beliefs and behaviors through the Psyche Inventory. The description of my fight to regain health and vitality through exploring the inner world of my emotions, thoughts, and beliefs using a technique I call the Psyche Inventory.
Chapter Three: Journey to the Light
Exploration of alternative techniques and self-healing. The description of my incessant hunt and discovery of the powerful self-healing methods I use to vanquish this monster of illness and despair.
Chapter Four: Journey of the Connected Path
Healing journeys and divine wisdom. Journey descriptions that guide the reader into the extraordinary wisdom and illuminating energy healing benefits of the Spirit world
Chapter Five: Journey Toward Enlightenment
Practicing connection and awareness, healing is a continual process and a way of life. Chapter Five describes in detail how continued deep healing and prevention is achieved through awareness and connection with the energy of the life force that flows through and around us.
Chapter Six: Harmony and Balance
Nurture yourself as you would your best friend. Health and well-being depend on harmony and balance that can be achieved and maintained through self-nurturance.
Chapter Seven: Living Health
Impeccable living in health and wholeness. Description of a day in my current life, filled with vibrant health and the daily disciplines that manifest it.
Appendix I
Glossary of Terms
Appendix II
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